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Everything there is to know before betting in Baseball

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Baseball is one of the leading sports in the globe consisting of various leagues across different countries. Known as a favourite American pastime, it’s no doubt that baseball has taken the world by storm with over 500 million fans all around the world.

With Sportsbet’s user-friendly interface, it’s easy to stay updated with the most recent events in the sports world. You can now also find hundreds of sportsbooks where you can place a bet on your favourite league, team, or athlete, no matter where you are. 

Find everything you need to know about baseball and what to look for when you start betting at Sportsbet in the guide below. 

Baseball: What is this sport about?

Baseball is played between two opposing teams that take turns in batting and fielding. This game begins once the pitcher throws the ball and the batter from the other team hits it with a bat. 

The batting team is the offensive team that must hit the ball across the field so other members can run the bases. There are a total of four bases on the field, and the batter/hitter has to run to all of the bases in counterclockwise. 

On the other hand, the defensive or fielding team must prevent the batter/hitter from advancing to the bases by catching the ball immediately. 

A run is scored when the runner passes by the bases in order and reaches the home plate. The team with the most runs wins the game.

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History of baseball

The real history of baseball was actually complicated because there are no traces of its legitimate origin. One theory says that American baseball was derived from the British game of rounders. It is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams and involves hitting a small leather-cased ball with a wooden bat. 

Baseball in America reached its peak during the 19th century, but there are still debates and speculation among historians about how it was invented. However, the first team ever recorded to play baseball under modern rules was believed to be the New York Knickerbockers.

Rules of the game

Here are the basic rules of baseball that you should know before you start betting:

  • Baseball has a total of 9 innings in a match. 
  • The innings are divided on the board into half with the home team located at the bottom while the visiting team is at the top.   
  • Each team is composed of nine players that take turns in batting and baserunning. 
  • Both teams have three outs during each inning before they can swap roles. This happens when in all instances, the player is tagged or struck before they reach a base.
  • If the 9 innings are done and the game results in a tie, another inning is added until a team wins.
  • Once the batting order is final, it cannot be rearranged throughout the game. 
  • Substitutes are allowed in the game.
  • When running past the bases, any body part of the batter must touch the base. 
  • Once the batter hits the ball, they will then be referred to as the runner.
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Player positions

Get ready to bet on the strongest player in baseball! There are a total of 9 players on the field and each position is important because they contribute to the team’s progress in the match. Be on the lookout for the player you’ll bet on and find out if he has the potential to win the match.

Core positions


The pitcher is the one who throws the ball towards the plate. 


The catcher is the player who receives the pitches and keeps track of the balls and strikes. When a baserunner attempts to advance to the base, the catcher should have a strong arm to be able to catch and throw the ball back to the pitcher.

In-field players 

Each in-field player is assigned to one of the four defensive positions on the field. Here are each of the in-field positions:

First base 

The first baseman is abbreviated to 1B. This player is located on the first base where the runner will have to pass to hit a score. Focus and concentration are required when in this position because the first baseman takes part in every play. 

Second base, Shortstop, and Third base

If they’re in the pitching side, the second base, shortstop, and third base will catch the ball if it passes them. 


Outfielders should be able to catch the ball flying above their heads and have a strong arm to throw the ball a long distance. The balls won’t land on the outfield as frequently as in the infield since not all players can hit the ball strongly. The outfielders consist of the right, centre, and left fielders. They all have the same goal of catching the ball when it goes over the infield and passing it to the infielders.

Basic skills 

Listed below are all the basic required skills that a baseball player must possess. To let you know how the game is progressing, keep an eye out for these moves so you know which player is currently doing a certain skill:


Catching is one of the most important skills in baseball because players have to catch the ball to throw out the base runner who’s aiming to reach all bases.


A long-distance throw makes it harder for the opposing team to score a win.


Fielding is simply handling the ball while playing in the field, it is about being on the lookout for the ball and watching where it’s heading. It involves knowing where to throw the ball if it’s heading right at them.


This is the much-awaited move in the game because it determines where the ball will travel to. It’s challenging to direct the ball to a specific area across the field because a player only has a few seconds to hit it with the bat.

Base running

It’s important to run fast especially when players are aiming to reach each base on the field. With sharp aggressive running, they can put a lot of pressure on the opposing team and this will help them get the upper hand in reaching the home base.

Glossary of terms in Baseball

Aside from the player positions mentioned above, there are also important terms in baseball that you need to be familiar with. To get a better sense of the game before you place a bet, here are the most basic baseball terms. 

  1. Balk – This pertains to the pitching motion that states that the pitcher should not trick the base runners with any misleading motion. 
  2. Battery – This includes two baseball players: the pitcher and catcher. 
  3. Change up – This involves a slow pitch that is meant to look much faster. 
  4. Double play – This pertains to a defensive baseball play that results in two outs. 
  5. Fly ball – This is a baseball that is hit high in the air.
  6. Foul ball – This is a baseball that goes over the field of play.
  7. Full count – This is when the pitch count consists of 3 balls and 2 strikes. The count remains 3 and 2 if the batter hits the baseball foul.
  8. Ground ball – This is a baseball that hit the ground. 
  9. Hit and run – This involves the baserunner progressing through the bases once the pitch is released. 
  10. Hit for the cycle – This is when the player hits a single, double, triple, and a home run in one game. 
  11. On-deck – This pertains to the next batter who is due to bat.
  12. Pinch hitter – This is the substitute hitter.
  13. Pinch runner – This pertains to the substitute base runner.
  14. Pitch around – This is when the pitcher does not throw a pitch to the batter. 
  15. Pitch out – This is a pitch that the batter can’t hit.

Top baseball leagues

There are several baseball leagues based in different countries and each one is made up of numerous teams. Here are the top baseball leagues you can bet on:

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Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball is one of the most popular leagues in baseball, and it is composed of 30 teams—29 in the US and 1 in Canada. There are two leagues within the MLB: the National League and American League. The two leagues worked together since 1903, however, by 2000, they merged into a single squad headed by the Baseball Commissioner.

Here are the following teams in MLB:

  • Baltimore Orioles 
  • Boston Red Sox
  • New York Yankees
  • Tampa Bay Rays
  • Toronto Blue Jays
  • Chicago White Sox
  • Cleveland Indians
  • Detroit Tigers
  • Kansas City Royals
  • Minnesota Twins
  • Houston Astros
  • Los Angeles Angels 
  • Oakland Athletics 
  • Seattle Marines
  • Texas Rangers
  • Atlanta Braves
  • Miami Marlins
  • New York Mets
  • Philadelphia Phillies 
  • Washington Nationals 
  • Chicago Cubs 
  • Cincinnati Reds
  • Milwaukee Brewers 
  • Pittsburgh Pirates 
  • St. Louis Cardinals
  • Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Colorado Rockies 
  • Los Angeles Dodgers 
  • San Diego Padres 
  • San Francisco Giants.
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Nippon Professional Baseball

Nippon Professional Baseball is the highest form of baseball in Japan. It is locally called Puro Yakyū that means Professional Baseball. NPB consists of two leagues namely Central League and Pacific League with each one containing six teams. 

Here the following teams under NPB:

  • Chunichi Dragons
  • Hanshin Tigers
  • Hiroshima Toyo Carp
  • Tokyo Yakult Swallows
  • Yokohama DeNA BayStars
  • Yomiuri Giants
  • Chiba Lotte Marines
  • Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks
  • Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters
  • Orix Buffaloes
  • Saitama Seibu Lions
  • Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles.
Mexico Baseball League

Mexican League

Mexican League is the oldest professional league in the country and consists of two divisions: North and South. This baseball league was founded in 1925 and has a total of 16 teams:

  • Acereros de Monclova
  • Algodoneros de Unión Laguna
  • Generales de Durango
  • Rieleros de Aguascalientes
  • Saraperos de Saltillo
  • Sultanes de Monterrey
  • Tecolotes de los Dos Laredos
  • Toros de Tijuana
  • Bravos de León
  • Diablos Rojos del México
  • Guerreros de Oaxaca
  • Leones de Yucatán
  • Olmecas de Tabasco
  • Pericos de Puebla
  • Piratas de Campeche
  • Tigres de Quintana Roo.

Get ready to place bets in Sportsbet baseball

Now that you know the basics of baseball and how it works, you can now place bets on your favourite leagues or teams in Sportsbet! Discover several bitcoin baseball betting options you can place once you know which teams to root for. 

Here are the different types of betting you can do:

In-play is also known as live betting where bettors place their bets on live matches. With this type of betting, you can evaluate the status of the match before placing your bet. As long as the game is on-going, you can place your bets and hope that the team you’re rooting for wins the game.
Next 24 hours
This betting type pertains to the games that will start after 24 hours. The estimated odds will be displayed ahead of the match. You can purchase your betting tickets in advance.
Outright betting
This is a type of bet placed for the whole outcome of the league or tournament instead of single matches.
In this betting, you’ll find matches that are set to happen soon. The specific date for the match is already set and you can purchase betting tickets once it’s made available. You can use its odds as a basis on which team to bet on.
This type of betting is placed on leagues that are in play for the season.

Payment methods you can use in betting

Sportsbet offers a wide selection on how you can pay for your bet. Here are the following methods available on our site:

Fiat money

Paying with fiat money is how bettors traditionally pay for sports betting. Many different sites still offer this type of payment. With fiat money, you don’t have to convert it to another currency to bet on the game you want. 


Cryptocurrency is a popular type of payment nowadays. This is a form of digital currency that can be used to pay and purchase items online and in physical stores. You’ll find a wide range of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more.


E-wallets are digital wallets where you can store your money. This is an ideal way to keep your money safe because of its strong encryption. You can place your payments in an instant and your remaining balance will sync up immediately. 

Here are some of the most trusted wallets you can use:

  • Skrill 
  • Neteller 
  • EcoPayz
  • PayPal
  • SticPay.
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