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What are the best international horse racing events in 2023?

Horse racing is an exciting sport where you can see the most athletic horses duke it out in intense races. You can see pure talent and athleticism shine through them as they gallop across the tracks.

This sport has become a fixture in sports betting markets because it has many variables that are appealing to punters like the big prizes and going all or nothing on a certain horse. 

Across the sports world, horse racing has some of the biggest sporting events of the year which have become big hits in the Sports betting Japan platforms. Now, take a look at those events and see why they are valuable.

Dubai World Cup (March 27) 

Often tapped as the most lucrative event for horse racing teams, the Dubai World Cup is one of the best events that you should look forward to. This is also one of the first massive horse races of the year. 

This event is held in the Meydan Racecourse and it will consist of nine different races consisting of eight Thoroughbred races and a Purebred Arabian race. The distance for all of these races is 2,000 metres which is about 10 furlongs. 

Since 1996, there have been many winners every year but Thunder Snow is probably the standout. He is a two-time winner of the event which is a rare feat because it’s hard to stay consistent at the top of the horse racing scene. Other horses such as Country Grammer, Roses in May, and many more have won this event.

A lucrative tournament for everyone

The prize purse for this event in 2022 was $12 million. There is room for further growth for that given that the Arab markets continue to shoot up in value. The sports industry in the region has improved due to the 2022 FIFA World Cup’s effect on making it a destination for any kind of sport. 

With more and more big names coming to the Middle East, international horse racing events in the region have become vital to the economy. This includes the Dubai Cup which will be the flagship event for this movement. 

In the 2022 race, Country Grammer ridden by Frankie Dettori won the race. The horse’s trainer was Bob Baffert who pocketed another major win for himself which was a great achievement due to his success with other horses and Country Grammer’s consistency across different races.


Grand National (April 15) 

Established back in 1839 in Liverpool, England, the Grand National is a handicap steeple chase race which means that the horses will have to go over hurdles and other obstacles to win the race. It is usually held at the Aintree Racecourse in Merseyside in April because that is the time when it’s not too cold or hot for both the horses and people in attendance.

This is the most valuable jump race in Europe with a usual prize purse of around £1 million. The event is highly regarded in British culture because it brings the spotlight on horse racing which is not present for most of the year.

A unique race compared to everything else

The Grand National should be a race that you should watch and bet on because you will have the full experience of this unique event. This is one of the best events in the horse racing circuit because it does not adhere to the norms that you will usually see. Most races are just full-on sprints towards the finish line while this race will test the horses’ mettle to keep going despite the obstacles in the way. 

It is often branded as the ‘ultimate test of horse and rider’ because both of them will have to be on their A-Game to win. This is evident when you look at the history of the event because you can see that the top jockeys guide their talented horses to get the big wins. 

Kentucky Derby (May 6) 

The Kentucky Derby is smack dab in the middle of the year and is held in the United States. This is a dirt race which means that some horses struggle because they might find the track slippery or too intrusive to their gallops.

Launched in 1875, this race is held at Churchill. This is a race for thoroughbreds which means the most athletic and talented horses will be part of this event. Across its long history, there have been many legendary horses that have proven to deserve the distinction. That is due to their performances at this event, headlined by the legendary Secretariat who won in 1973. 

The biggest event in the sport

Since this is the most popular event in the sport, you can tell that the Kentucky Derby is regarded highly by horse owners, trainers, and jockeys worldwide. It shines a huge spotlight on the sport while also making it more palatable for casual fans around the world. 

This race has a legacy that has become well-known in sports mainstream. If you are trying to look for an event that you can recommend to beginners, the Kentucky Derby is probably the best choice, given that it has the most exciting races, specifically held in Kentucky which is one of the world’s most lucrative horse racing spots.

Belmont Stakes (June 11)

This is the third leg of the Triple Crown series that starts with the Kentucky Derby and ends with the Belmont Stakes. They sandwich the Preakness Stakes between them but the bigger events are the start and end points. The Belmont Stakes is usually held at Belmont Park and it has been a fixture of the sport in June of every year.

This race covers a full lap of Belmont Park known as the ‘Championship Track’ because nearly every major American champion in the sport has competed on this track. At the same time, the sheer size of this racetrack captures people’s attention. 

It is a large and wide track where you can see horses make sweeping turns to make up for the dirt terrain. The distance of the race can be long for some people but this can end in just a flash because the horses are always fast but they have become smarter too.

Melbourne Cup (November 7)

Typically the last big horse racing event in the calendar, the Melbourne Cup is located in Australia. This is a long way off for the horse racing world which is usually seen in Europe or North America. However, people tend to forget that both Asia and Australia have big events too aside from the events in the Arab region.

The Melbourne Cup is one of the biggest events of the year and it has been that way for a long time since this was inaugurated in 1861. The racecourse used in this event is the Flemington Racecourse. The prize purse is around A$8,000,000 back in 2022 which is a big deal for the event with all of the potential exciting races that happen. 

How to read horse racing odds when betting

Now that you are aware of the best events in horse racing for 2023, you should know the numbers or odds that will be present whenever you make your bets. The foundation of odds is telling the likelihood of events taking place. Whenever you look at horse racing betting markets, you will see that there is a variety of options where you can see numbers attached to them. There are many types of odds you will see which will be helpful. 

Types of odds

For new bettors, they need to learn how to read odds so they can have an easier time when they are betting. Here are the two primary types of betting odds that they will see and how they work. 

  • Moneyline: This is the type of odds where you will see numbers that will have either a plus (+) or a minus (-) symbol attached. The latter is for the underdogs because they can net punters bigger rewards but they are risky. On the other hand, the minus symbol odds will be for the favourites which are safer and less-lucrative bets.
  • Decimal: For every $1 that you wager, they will be multiplied by the odds that you will see in this format, and then you will get the potential payout. This is pretty simple to understand in terms of likelihood because the lower numbers are favourites while the higher ones are for the underdogs.

How this can help you make better decisions

Look into the context behind the numbers because that will matter for your decisions. At the same time, you should look at these numbers and look into the horses. Of course, picking the winner is not the only market that you will see in horse racing because there are many more that people are not aware of just yet. 

You can also calculate the potential rewards for your bets based on these bets which are important to consider. Punters might feel obligated to bet on the favourite but they can take a chance on an underdog market that can net them solid winnings without having to spend much. 

What kind of bets can you make in horse racing?

There are many kinds of bets that you can make in horse racing, all you have to do is look at the sportsbooks. These are just a few of the best wagers you can make here. 

  • Winner: This is where you predict the overall winner of the race. It is pretty simple but it can be hard given that there are multiple horses that you have to pick from which is the complexity of betting on this.
  • Top 2: Aside from the winner market, this is another standard market because punters will have to predict both the winner and the horse that comes second to them. There are many more markets like this which can stretch from 2 to whatever place is the end point for the races.
  • Trifecta: This is where you attempt to predict which horses will finish in 1st, 2nd, and third in the correct order. This can be tough but it will net you a fantastic amount of rewards because of the odds stacked against you.
  • Jackpot: If there are multiple races in an event, this is the market where you have to predict the winner of each event. That is a huge undertaking but you can tell the rewards will be massive if you get this right.

Horse racing betting will be fun in 2023

Don’t miss out on the opportunity of betting on upcoming horse racing events in 2023. You have a whole year with endless possibilities of taking home huge prizes by making the most of your bets. Make sure that you take note of the important factors in sports betting Japan or international horse races. By being a smart bettor, you can reap out the best benefits anyone could wish for.  


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