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Top 3 CS:GO tournaments to bet on

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the best first-person shooters in terms of mechanics, gameplay, and fanbase. There are so many mechanics to learn and styles of play that you can do when playing, especially when you play Valve’s older version of the game. 

CS:GO is now a global icon in the gaming industry and has prestigious tournaments that gather players annually for the best plays of the game. These plays translate to wins, and if you wagered on the winning teams who make winning plays, bettors get the best chances of doubling their wagers. 

In sportsbetting sites like Sportsbet, CS:GO has become popular for both bettors and esports enthusiasts. Since a lot of sportsbooks have esports in their category, a lot of CS:GO fans flock into these platforms to utilize their bitcoin sportsbet for their anticipated matches. 

If you’re interested in betting on CS:GO matches, you should first look at the tournaments that are being played every year to get the basics.

So, what tournaments are worth watching and why should you consider betting on them when given the opportunity? Below are the top 3 CS:GO tournaments that you have to look into if you want to take sportsbetting in this space seriously: 

Major Championships

CS:GO’s Major Championships is the most prestigious tournament of the game. Also known as the ‘Majors’, the tournament is sponsored by the creators of the game itself, Valve, who puts up a prize money of about $1 million to the victors.

In 2018, Valve introduced a new way to play the tournament and a format to better level the competition. Here are the stages for which the teams must go through to eventually become champions:

  • The New Challengers Stage (previously called Offline Qualifier)
  • The New Legends Stage (previously called Group Stage)
  • The New Champions Stage (previously known as the Playoffs) 

There are also certain titles for teams based on how far each reaches in the Majors. Here are the following:

  • The Legends 

This title is given to the top eight teams for every Major ‘Legend’ status gained. Legends are automatically qualified for the New Legends Stage. 

  • The New Challengers 

This title is given to the top eight teams from the New Challengers Stage who gained the Challenger status and are automatically qualified to go up against the Current Legends. 

When a team wins the Majors, they have achieved the highest possible accolade in the game and can potentially go down as one of the best to ever play CS:GO. Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) is the latest team to win the Majors in 2021. 

Intel Extreme Masters 

The IEM or the Intel Extreme Masters tour. Considered as one of the longest European tournaments sponsored by Intel themselves, the tournament found an expansion outside of Europe and went to the American markets. 

It already spanned 15 seasons and is dedicated to CS:GO only where the top players battle out and showcase their skills. Not only that but there are also other games that the IEM showcases like League of Legends and Dota 2. 

The IEM’s prestige is great that the majors happen within the event that determines which team and players are truly the best in their own rights. Moreover, betting in IEM is one of the most enjoyable experiences bettors and gamers have had throughout the entirety of the tournament, so it’s no surprise why it’s popular. 

Almost all teams are invited to participate, and just like most tournaments, teams get eliminated and only one winner reigns supreme at the end of the event. Securing bets has never been this challenging and exciting in the history of the game, and no other tournament comes close to the IEM ever since its inception. 

Blast Premier

The Blast Premier is a league that has one of the most incredible games and tournaments for CS:GO. Its Final is one of the most anticipated games in the gaming industry, and many bettors love to bet on it since it’s an annual spectacle to see the best players go at it. 

Blast Premier is unique in a way that it is the only tournament to ever come across Denmark while being one of the most popular tournaments around the world. 

Leaderboards, top standings, and the best players are all included in this fun-fest. Betting on them with the right stats and projections is incredibly fun for the gamer. The event usually happens during fall. With Twitch and YouTube sponsoring, there’s no question why it’s so popular since it has two of the most prestigious online streaming platforms backing it up. 

Choosing to bet on the Blast Premier and the participating teams will not only guarantee great returns when choosing the right team. It will also give you a spectacular experience knowing what you can expect from a great tourney like this one. 

Betting tips to win more in CS:GO 

Just like in any other esports, CS:GO requires extensive research and knowledge coming into the betting scene where knowing which team has the best chance of winning.

In terms of skills, winning percentage, and matchups, you can’t go wrong with having the best possible odds when it comes to thorough research and statistical analysis to go about your betting. 

Furthermore, you also need to be aware of your own wagers and to bet with rationality looking at the games’ highly competitive nature where your team might not be able to win in the end. 

Sometimes, you need to step back and survey the whole team first and consider the possibility that any team can be defeated. The best teams projected to win it all may fall to the underdogs which is common in the realm of gaming. 

These tournaments have the best players playing every year. If you enjoy CS:GO and all its glory, then you should tune in to these tournaments and see for yourself who the best teams are competing for the title. 

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