Top five highest-earning CS:GO esports teams

There was a time in history when parents confronted their children for wasting their time playing video games. Different parents come up with unique arguments but there is one point that most of them usually resort to: you can’t earn money from video games. Fast forward to today and esports is now one of the most lucrative industries in the world.

Some countries consider esports gaming to be on the same level as traditional sports like football. Managers recruit athletes into their team and each member is paid a salary based on how they are appraised. That means only the best players and teams get to brag about their savings. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is home to such talents. Here are the highest-paid pro teams in CS:GO.



The list is not arranged in any particular order but Astralis from Denmark has to be mentioned first. After all, they are the highest-earning teams in CS:GO. If the list were about the top-earning players, then four out of five of them will appear in the top five top earners. It’s no surprise that they are always the favourites for CS:GO betting at websites like Sportsbet. 

Members Dupreeh, Xyp9X, Gla1ve, and Magisk each get more than $1.5 million in tournament earnings. Breaking that top five list is Dev1ce at number 3 with $1.8 million. Dev1ce used to play for Astralis but he moved to Ninja in Pyjamas in April 2021.

MAD Lions

The Spanish team, MAD Lions, has an assortment of nationalities on their roster, unlike the previous team’s all-Denmark team. It has a more professional approach to CS:GO with all active members joining the team just this year in March. However, the team is still a powerhouse in the esports scene as they achieved two 1st places, one 2nd place, and one 3rd-4th place.

Just like MAD Lions, is a multi-platform esports team but with all of its players joining the team as early as 2019. The Russian team consists of a Uzbekistani, Latvian, and two Kazakhstani with a Russian team captain. Each member has relatively amazing records from their former teams and they are now reaching high placements together in various leagues. They have participated in a total of 9 tournaments as of July this year. 

Complexity Gaming

American team, Complexity Gaming, is one of the highest-rated teams in the United States. Their CS:GO team has over $1.29 million total earnings, making them the wealthiest Complexity Gaming team followed closely by Dota 2 with $905,000. Out of their current members, blameF, k0nfig, and poiz0n are the only players with more than $150,000 individual earnings. 

Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) ends this list as one of the most serious contenders in major leagues and a common favourite in CS:GO betting. The team has a total of $5.2 million earnings in CS:GO and flamie, one of the team’s oldest members, is the top 20 highest-earning player in this esport. 

He has over $856,000 individual earnings, followed by s1mple with over $852,000. Electronic also has an impressive $715,000 individual earnings while the other two have less than $400,000. You can easily see them as some of the top topics for esports articles in Sportsbet.