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Who are the best J1 teams coming into 2022?

The J1 League is Japan’s premier football league where some of the greatest native and import players compete. It has become incredibly popular to a point where bettors from all over the world are interested in making the most out of their wagers in its intense matches. 

The league has always had great teams for people to watch and the latest storylines of their seasons each year. If you want to experience the best of J1 League, then read more where you can utilize your bitcoin sportsbet in your chosen sportsbook that will give you a chance to yield high returns. 

Kawasaki Frontale 

Kawasaki Frontale is highly favoured by bookies in the 2021 season after securing the title in the 2020 season. Luck is on their side this year as they came out as victors of the 2021 J1 League. 

Not only did Toru Oniki’s men land 83 points in 2020 but they also goaled 88 field goals to secure wins and defeat opposing goalies. Retrospectively, Yokohama F. Marinos were the runner-ups for the highest-scoring players who netted 69 goals. 

Can the Frontales repeat next year?

Given how they just got off from a championship last year, the Frontales still retained their star players who helped uplift the team to victories like Shogo Taniguchi and Leandro Damião. 

With their spectacular season so far ranked as the number one club on their table this year, the Frontales are vying for a repeat. If they achieve a repeat, it will be an incredible feat for both the franchise and the gamers who betted on them from the very beginning. 

With how they performed during the season, there’s no question that they have the highest chances of winning yet another title. Bettors will be more inclined to bet on them as they are currently the heavy favourites in the J1 League moving forward to next season.

Kashima Antlers 

Kashima Antlers this season finished as the 4th seed of the table during the 2021 season, and they demolished teams left and right. They have been incredible so far in the year having won the title and have consistently been in the higher seeds. 

The club’s players are also doing well like Ryotaro Araki and Ayase Ueda. As the season wanes, the football club will only continue to get better until they will creep into the top 3 spots of the table.

Going back to stardom

After just this season’s woes where they ended up as the 5th ranked team on the table, the Antlers may seek to get more wins and overthrow the Frontales for supremacy in 2022. While they looked like they improved in the 2021 season, the club actually maintained almost the same ranking in the last two years, but a little bit higher on the table by just 1 rank (5th to 4th) in their latest season. 

Regardless, they have been climbing back up again for the past two seasons. When they continue to play with whatever scheme they are planning, then the Antlers might surpass the league where they might even catch up on the higher seeded football clubs next year. 

However, bettors should be wary as the Antlers have great competition coming their way next season. Kawasaki Frontale is still a strong favourite, and up and rising teams like the Gamba Osaka are moving in an upward trajectory this upcoming football season.

Gamba Osaka 

Gamba Osaka has the first-runner up ranks clinched since their championship year in 2014. This means that Gamba has been one of the more consistent teams in the league where they have been incredible 6 years straight. 

This also means that bettors are going to find them attractive in the sportsbetting scene where they can expect more wins from this formidable J1 team giving them a lot of benefits with their wagers.

The Gambas are eager to make a comeback in the 2022 season after finishing outside the top 10. With the team’s improving young players and great strikers, they might get past the better teams in the league. 

The slow return of the Gamba Osaka

Gamba Osaka is arguably one of the recent dynasties in the J1 league, but after years of not being crowned champions, it’s hard to say that they really are this generation’s football dynasty.

In the 2021 season, they slowly crept up the table from the 13th spot which is adequate at best for this great franchise. While not securing the title, it could very well be the wake-up call for them to finally get back on track and be the dominant team they’ve always been in franchise history. 

The J1 League is worthy of your time and money. It’s time for you to try betting on a different league aside from the premier European Leagues such as the Bundesliga, La Liga, and the English Premier League. The passionate fans of the event will also surprise you, with the way how they flock into the stadiums and cheer for these teams. 

Why betting on the J1 league is a wise move

The number of contending J1 teams is insane. Teams within the top 5 in the rankings, any of them can be in the number 1 spot. You can bet on a great team, but it’s another completely unique experience to enjoy the sportsbetting experience and get the most out of the Sportsbet scene. 

After a season ends, there are teams that simply vye to get better the following year. While the reigning champions are an easy pick, looking at other teams that are just as hungry to go after the trophy is also a wise move when betting. 

These teams have the best chances of winning in 2022. If you’re planning to bet on these clubs, you are positioning yourself to win favourable payouts. 

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