The extensive betting guide to Nippon Professional Baseball

Japan is the home to one of the most passionate baseball fan bases in the world. They have produced some of the best players in baseball history with names like Ichiro Suzuki and Shohei Ohtani as the most popular options. 

Despite the sport being known more as a North American sport, Japanese baseball deserves more spotlight that it is receiving. This has led to the NPB’s growth as one of the biggest sports leagues in the country because it is the highest level of domestic baseball they get. 

Japan’s baseball culture is massive as you can see fields all over cities and people wearing the jerseys from their favourite NPB team all the time. This has led to baseball fans showing interest outside of the games by making bets on platforms like Sportsbet where they can earn some good rewards while watching.

Learn the NPB’s season format 

The NPB consists of two leagues which are the Central League and the Pacific League both of which have six teams making the NPB 12 teams in total. They have secondary-level minor leagues called the Eastern and Western Leagues but they are only meant to develop players hence why they have a shorter schedule. 

Every NPB season starts around late March or early April and then ends in October. Every July there is usually a mid-season break where All-Star games will be played. In the past, there were schedules of around 130 to 140 regular season games but nowadays, the 146-game season has been accepted with 73 games played at home and on the road respectively. 

After the regular season, there will be a playoffs where there will be a bracket filled with best-of-seven series where one team will reign supreme and earn the title of being called the NPB champions. All of the 12 teams have a chance to win the title as the season starts but with the regular season schedule, some teams can endure all of the games en route to the victory. 

What are the common mistakes that baseball bettors make? 

There are no perfect baseball bettors on these sportsbooks because people are prone to making mistakes. Baseball betting has some common blunders which people have to remember and avoid. These mistakes are easy to prevent which is why they should be highlighted to serve as a reminder. 

  • People love to set unrealistic expectations for their bets which end up failing.
  • Not doing any profound research.
  • People place too many wagers which can lead to massive losses. 
  • Betting with emotion and not well-placed logic. 
  • Relying too heavily on betting on favourites. 
  • On the other side of the spectrum, people love to bet on getting big payouts.
  • Not checking the betting slip before they confirm the transaction. 
  • People chase too many of their losses. 
  • They blame their losses too much on bad luck.

Make sure to be mindful of your moves so you won’t have any issues when betting. This way, you can be a more consistent bettor that does not have to deal with some issues that are easily preventable. 


Tips you need to improve your NPB betting

Across any sport, you can make a soccer bet that can turn out favourably for you. However, you need to make sure that when you bet on the NPB, you should have some strong tips that you can follow. These are some tips that you can use moving forward with your betting decisions for the NPB.

Always remember that star players can shift results

In baseball, star players are pretty limited compared to soccer or basketball where the stars shine bright. However, the star players in baseball might only have a short stint on the field but it can work out to be one of the most crucial parts of a game. In the NPB, there are various talented players that you should remember because they can greatly affect a game’s dynamic. 

Players like Yoshinobu Yamamoto, Yugi Yanagita, Tomoya Mori, and many more have been stars for their teams which have all benefited from their performances. Make sure to take note of all of the stars that will have strong games so you can use them in your wagers. 

Momentum matters in baseball

As you progress through the baseball betting markets, you will notice that during a season, momentum will be a huge factor that you need to take into account. This is important to know because even if two teams are mismatched, the momentum can shift into a team’s direction. 

Make sure that you know the momentum by looking at how they have performed recently which can prove to be a helpful reminder for every bettor out there who wants to win their wagers. 

Studying teams’ play styles will pay off 

Whenever you identify the star players, you can also get an idea of their team plays. If a team likes to set up with an ultra-defensive lineup that knows how to move well to positions where they can catch the ball, that will be important to remember for your wagers. Apart from that, you can also check out teams that focus on having strong hitters so they can overwhelm the opponents with their precise and strong swings. 

Manage your bankroll properly 

Your bankroll will be the lifeline of your wagers. As long as you have some funds in your bankroll, you can make the best bets possible. However, you should always maintain a healthy balance for your bankroll and not use it all up. 

You should start slow during your wagers and then you can ramp up the progress. Improvements will be made and that will be evident as you make more bets about the NPB. 

Confirm your wagers before you make them

Sometimes, bettors make some terrible blunders that could have been prevented by being extra mindful of every bet. Double or triple check every bet that you will make about the NPB. Preparation is crucial and it requires a keen eye to avoid blunders that can hurt your bankroll in a way.


NPB odds will be valuable for your wagers

For every betting market, the odds that will be part of it. This is important because odds determine your winning chances. It can affect how you make decisions. Here are some of the factors that you need to consider when it comes to how the odds will affect your wagers. 

Learn how to read the odds 

There are multiple formats for odds that you can use for your wagers. For the most part, they are easy to read because you just have to look at the numbers. If the odds are lower, you can tell that it will have lower rewards and if the odds are high, that will be a riskier bet hence the bigger reward.

Another factor in reading and understanding sports betting odds is that these numbers can also tell you how much you can earn from the bet you’re making. If you’re betting on the favourite, the rewards will be pretty subdued but when it comes to the underdogs, the rewards will be bigger but you have to take risks. 

Make sure you’re using the odds to their full potential 

Odds are meant to assist you with your bets and not fully control every wager that you make. Ensure that you are only using these odds as a way to look into the context and learn more about why those numbers look that way. 

For example, you are betting on an NPB match between the Yomiuri Giants and the Hanshin Tigers. The odds will most likely point in favour of the former because of their previous success but if recent results are factored in alongside previous matchups, there might be a chance that the Tigers can win the game despite being branded as the underdogs. Always look into this kind of dynamic because you will win some stellar rewards if you can secure knowledge of the matchup. 

Identify the best markets for your NPB betting 

When you decide to make bets on the NPB, you should be prepared for the markets that you will usually see in your chosen sportsbook. This is crucial to your success because if you know the best markets, you can devise strategies around that market.

Here are some of the markets that you should expect when you bet on the NPB. 

  • Winner - This is the most standard market that you can expect when betting on the NPB. You will be betting on which team will win the game.
  • Total - This is the market where you will bet on how many points will be scored by both teams combined. There will usually be a range of points which are the over and under but sometimes, there are specific ranges that will be present. 
  • Team-specific total - Here, you will just be predicting the number of runs scored by a specific team. 
  • Inning-specific markets - These markets will involve predicting which team will win a specific inning. It can also be a total score for an inning which makes for a fun time because you have to intimately focus on those specific parts of the game. 
  • Handicap - This will be a standard winner market but there is a twist. A handicap is placed over the favourite which means that they will have a tougher time for bettors to pick them because they will be hampered with a threshold limit or a restriction for their win. 

Enjoy the NPB games while you’re betting 

To get the most out of your NPB betting, you should not forget that you should have fun. This is one of the most exciting leagues to bet on and it should not be a difficult time. All of the games that you will be watching will already be thrilling and if you add stakes to them, it will be even better. 

NPB is one of the best baseball leagues in the world alongside the MLB. Do not forget that Japan has a passionate fan base that supports baseball and you can enjoy the games alongside them in the stadium or at home with your stream. 

Make sure you’re always maximising your bets

With all of the opportunities that the sports betting world has to offer, you should always make sure that you are doing your best when making your wagers. These are all important to know because if you keep winning, you will thrive on any of the platforms that you are going to. There are many kinds of platforms on the sports betting scene including any Bitcoin gambling site that you want to go to.