Sports betting 101: Why you should try underdog betting

Many have found value in underdog betting. Although it can be a risky investment, it can result in big payouts. However, there are different factors to consider when betting on a team or player with a less likelihood of winning.

If you wish to try underdog betting at Sportsbet, here is a complete guide to everything you need to know:

What is the difference between underdogs and favourites?

In sports betting, a clear distinction is made between the underdogs and the favourites of a game. You can determine which one is which thanks to sports betting odds provided by the bookmaker. The difference between the two is very simple. While the favourites are the team that is expected to win, the underdogs are the opposite.

It is important to know the difference between the two as payouts will vary depending on which team you bet on. While the favourites may be the clear-cut option when wagering, betting on the underdog can result in higher payouts and a more thrilling experience overall. 

The advantages of betting on the underdogs

There are tons of reasons why you should consider betting on the underdogs. While they’re less likely to be successful because of various factors, sports betting always poses risks so there’s still a possibility for it to happen. Here are the reasons why you should consider betting on a sports match’s underdogs:

Higher payouts

Betting on the underdogs can result in higher payouts. Although the odds of an underdog team are low, doing proper research can help you decide when the perfect time is to wager on them. Look for a team that has a history of upsets or is playing with extra motivation. An underdog team who is competing in a rivalry match may have good odds of pulling off an upset and winning the matchup.

You can also consider underdog teams that have a favourable matchup. Although the odds may be against them according to the sportsbook, a team that matches up well against the opponent’s weakness could give them an edge to win the match. 

Underdog bets is risky

Underdog betting is indeed risky but they’re lucrative at the same time if they manage to pull off upsets. To illustrate this better, here is an example:

During the 2022-23 National Football League (NFL) season, 34.3% of the games were won by underdogs. The highest this percentage has gone was back in season 2006-07 when it reached 41.8%. 

If you consistently wager on the underdogs, the profit you make will break even with the losses you incur. There is also a chance that you will make a bigger profit in the end. However, placing bets on them requires knowledge of their dynamics and momentum which can show if they have a chance of delivering an upset.

Excitement factor

Betting on the underdogs is exciting compared to when you are placing a wager on the favourites. This is because there is a certain level of predictability when you bet on the match’s favourite. 

While surprises do occur occasionally, favourites are predicted to triumph more frequently than not. On the other side, betting on the underdog makes every victory a surprise and may be quite exciting.

Furthermore, supporting an underdog may foster a sense of togetherness among supporters of the same club. A certain joy comes from witnessing an underdog overcome the odds, and betting on them may heighten that pleasure.


Which sports should you try underdog betting on

Underdog betting applies to nearly all sports in Sportsbet Japan. Deciding which one to wager is entirely up to you. Here is a list of sports where you can find one that suits your preference:

  1. Boxing

Boxing is an individual sport where upsets can happen frequently. The outcome of a boxing match often depends on several factors, such as the boxers' styles, conditioning, and overall strategy. This can make predicting the winner of a boxing match difficult and can create opportunities for underdog betting. 

  1. Tennis

There is a lot that goes into a tennis match. Compared to other team sports that require the effort of multiple players, tennis is an individual sport where one player's skill and performance can have a significant impact on the outcome of a match.

This may present possibilities for betting on the underdog, particularly in games when the favourite player is not doing well or is playing on a surface they are unfamiliar with.

  1. American Football

American football is another sport that is known for its unpredictability and competitiveness. This is due to the variability in performance during NFL games. Underdog betting on American football can provide several opportunities for high payouts and can be especially attractive when a team is playing with extra motivation.

The point spread system in football creates even more opportunities for underdog betting. The point spread is a handicap that is applied to the favoured team to create a more even betting field.

  1. Football

Placing a bet on a football team underdog might offer chances for big winnings. Since football is a low-scoring sport, minor errors may be the difference between winning and losing. This makes it a terrific sport for underdog betting. 

In football, a team might dominate a game but still lose because they didn't take advantage of their opportunities, or an underdog side can play strong defence and capitalise on a few opportunities to win the game. 

Some of the top football tournaments to bet on the underdog are the English Premier League, Serie A, and the FIFA World Cup.

  1. Basketball

Finally, basketball is another sport to consider. This is because similar to the other sports listed, there’s a lot that can happen during a basketball game. Underdogs can often win against favourites due to several factors, such as the pace of the game, foul trouble, and three-point shooting. 

Additionally, basketball matches often have higher point spreads, which can create opportunities for underdog betting. You can try underdog betting on the FIBA World Cup or the NBA finals.

Tips and tricks to remember when underdog betting

While the odds may not be in your favour when betting on the underdog, certain tips and tricks may help your overall experience. Here are some to consider:

Practise proper bankroll management

To become an intelligent bettor, it is important to be aware of money management strategies. This will help you stay in control of your funds and make bets smartly.

Having a strategy at hand also helps you not to bust money which can cause you to chase your losses. However, this will just lead you to break the bank to the point you don't have anything left for yourself.

When underdog betting, it is best to properly manage your bankroll. Knowing your limitations and what you can afford to lose is necessary. Never push yourself to the point where you disregard your other responsibilities just so you can continuously gamble away.

Know the sport that you’re betting on

Another good tip to follow when underdog betting is investing money into a sport you know best. You need to be aware of all the subtleties of the sport you want to wager on, in addition to simply understanding how it is played. 

You shouldn't have to rely solely on luck to win to maximise your chances and increase your chances of success considering the odds of betting on the underdog. Knowing the ins and outs of the sport you want to bet on will give you the consistency you need to predict whether your bets will win or lose.

Be sure to concentrate on your chosen sport and be knowledgeable before going any further with your bets. Although having a wide variety of sports and betting alternatives to pick from may appear beneficial for you, becoming an expert in just one provides you with a competitive advantage.

With this, avoid overcommitting to too many sports and focus on one in which you are both at ease and confident as your anchor.

Accept that sports betting is based on luck

It is important to approach sports betting with the mindset that luck plays a huge role in it. While it is true that some bettors may possess a deep understanding of sports and may make informed decisions based on their knowledge and research, there is always an element of chance involved in any bet. 

Even the most skilled and experienced bettors cannot predict the outcome of every game with absolute certainty. Recognising the role that luck plays in sports betting can help bettors avoid overconfidence and make more rational decisions, ultimately leading to a more sustainable and enjoyable betting experience.

Know when to stop underdog betting 

On certain days, you'll experience a losing run and a slump from which you'll be unable to recover. The wisest course of action in these circumstances isn't to push a win and keep blowing through your money. You should instead understand the importance of taking a break. This is especially true considering the amount of money underdog betting consumes.

If you don't value breaks sufficiently, you'll wind up making snap judgements that might end up costing you more in the long run. It's crucial to take a step back and see things for what they are, whether you win or lose badly. Avoid making judgments based on a pit or the ‘high’ you receive from winning.