Esports betting markets 101: What you need to know The digital age has brought online betting as a new and entertaining way to enjoy esports. Tons of sportsbooks are introducing esports betting to their customers. With live streaming services such as Twitch and YouTube, you can watch tournaments and bet on them simultaneously. The thrill of placing wagers on your favourite teams while watching the events in real time is the main appeal that esports betting offers.  One of the most important parts of esports betting is markets. Learn more about them and the different esports you can wager on here: What are esports bettingRead More →

Beware of scams in crypto trading and learn how to avoid them Crypto trading is a lucrative business venture, and just like others like it, scammers are preying on honest investors. You can always stay in regulated markets where it’s safe, but the unknown is where big opportunities lie waiting. Fortunately, there are ways to detect and avoid them; you only need to know where and what to look for. If you are a trader seeking ventures with the potential for big profits, you must prepare yourself against scammers. Learn what they are, how to detect them, and how to avoid them when you readRead More →

Top favourites to make it to the World Cup 2022 finals The FIFA World Cup experience won’t be complete without the finals. It’s a battle between the two greatest football teams in the tournament, and it couldn’t get any better than that for fans worldwide.  Every four years, a handful of squads are considered the heavy favourites. But ultimately, only a few rise to the occasion and bring home the coveted World Cup trophy.  Which favourites are most likely to advance to the FIFA World Cup finals? Here is everything you need to know about each team and why they make a case for theRead More →

A guide to Japan’s biggest horse racing tournaments When it comes to horse racing, Japan has the best and biggest horse racing tournaments. In fact, horse racing is so popular in the country that it has embedded its place in Japan’s culture. Over the past decades, horse racing and betting have continuously risen to success in the country. Due to the Japanese love for horse racing, the country ranks among the top three countries where horse racing is the most popular sport. Since horse racing is a widely known sport, Japan hosts over 21,000 races annually. Since horse racing is a prominent spectacle sport inRead More →

The extensive betting guide to Nippon Professional Baseball Japan is the home to one of the most passionate baseball fan bases in the world. They have produced some of the best players in baseball history with names like Ichiro Suzuki and Shohei Ohtani as the most popular options.  Despite the sport being known more as a North American sport, Japanese baseball deserves more spotlight that it is receiving. This has led to the NPB’s growth as one of the biggest sports leagues in the country because it is the highest level of domestic baseball they get.  Japan’s baseball culture is massive as you can seeRead More →

Punters Guide to USD Sports betting

A punter’s guide to USDT sports betting USDT has been one of the most prominent crypto in the market, and it is a popular pick among many punters. Tether’s reputation as a stablecoin makes it a great option for betting since it means that volatility will not be much of a problem for many bettors. Crypto betting has been a fun experience for a lot of punters, and so far, it is promising enough to lead to wins. This is why people have been trying out the various coins and tokens that they can use to place wagers on the sports that they love theRead More →

Top four crypto wallets to keep your coins and tokens For those who are keen to invest in cryptocurrencies, a wallet should always be a concern since it is necessary to keep your digital assets safe at all costs. That makes it an important part of the industry and there are even a lot of options for users to choose from, making it easy for them to get started in investing in crypto. With a lot of betting sites such as Sportsbet now allowing the use of crypto in placing wagers, it is safe to say that crypto wallets are now starting to become aRead More →

Ranking the best horse racing derbies to bet on Horse racing is said to be one of the best avenues for betting, and no one can deny the fact that it is clearly a favourite among the masses. With a lot of horse racing derbies out there, punters can never run out of options when looking for a market to bet on. Over the years, horse racing has been a top pick in betting aside from mainstream sports. So far, horse races have been fun to watch, and one can even say that there are even certain horses that have become so lovable to manyRead More →

The best altcoins in the crypto market Since Bitcoin’s launch in 2009, the crypto market has revolved around it. BTC was the trendsetter and it has long served as the standard for the crypto market. To this day, Bitcoin still controls most of the market because when its value dips, the rest of the market will be affected. In any market, you can expect that alternatives will appear to strengthen the current standard or even shake up the norm. In the cryptocurrency space, BTC will still be the king for a long while but there are altcoins that have shown the potential to take itsRead More →

Ranking the leading teams in the J1 League The J1 League stands as the top football association in Japan, and there are a lot of teams that have been gunning for the lead spot over the years. Intense games and tight battles have shaped the league and this is why people are keen to see more of the top clubs. As one of the leading leagues in Asia, it is easy to expect that the J1 League has set the bar for a lot of other football associations in the continent. While known football entities such as the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Ligue 1Read More →