Strategic wins: A beginner's guide to Dota 2 betting

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Dota 2, released in July 2013, quickly became one of the biggest esports titles in the scene. One of the factors that contribute to its success is the talented teams and players competing in its vibrant esports landscape. When watching Dota 2 tournaments, you will witness some of the most nail-biting and adrenaline-pumping matches. 

With its success, many Dota 2 events happen all year round. This attracts more fans and bettors, as there are many chances to bet and win massive payouts through esports betting. 

If you are looking to bet on Dota 2 leagues and tournaments and potentially make a profit from it, consider online betting at

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Here is a Dota 2 betting guide that will talk about the basics of betting, some strategies, tournaments and leagues you can wager on and more. 

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Dota 2 leagues and tournaments

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Dota 2 hosts some of the most popular and highly-watched tournaments in the esports world.
What is its most popular event?
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It is undeniably The International (TI)! It features the best of the best teams in the game’s esports scene.

As Dota 2 continued to grow over the years, tons of tournaments and leagues emerged. Here, teams have to work together as they compete against several others for a chance to win the jackpot prize and title. 

The International

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The first Dota 2 TI tournament happened in 2011.
Who won?
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Natus Vincere! They went up against EHOME.

The International is widely recognised as the premier Dota 2 tournament worldwide. Annually organised by Valve, this event brings together the top 20 teams from around the globe to compete for a massive cash prize.

To qualify for the event, there are two ways to consider. First, a team can earn a spot by clinching the first position in its regional qualification tournament. Alternatively, teams can receive an automatic invitation if they get a high DOTA 2 Pro Circuit Points total.

Valve introduced a ranking system known as DOTA 2 Pro Circuit points, allowing teams to accumulate points based on their performance in tournaments. The more successful a team is in these tournaments, the more points they earn. 

Only a select few teams in the rankings are extended invitations to compete. This exclusive selection process ensures that the highest-ranked teams have the opportunity to participate in this prestigious tournament.


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I love betting on ESL One tournaments!
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I get the most value out of my bets since many great teams participate in it.

ESL One has carved its name into Dota 2 esports history as a premier tournament series. It consistently delivers high-stakes competition and unforgettable moments. Since it was included in the Dota 2 Pro Circuit back in 2017, it has evolved alongside the game, adapting to different formats and structures. 

After Azure Ray’s glorious win in 2023’s ESL One at Kuala Lumpur, its next edition will take place in Birmingham. Consider betting on this tournament, as it can be an exhilarating experience, offering excitement and the potential for big rewards. 


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One of the most popular leagues in Dota 2 is DreamLeague.
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It was hosted by DreamHack Dota 2, one of the largest esports event organisers in the world.
What happened?
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ESL took over the league back in 2023.
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DreamLeague is a well-known Dota 2 tournament series that gained popularity for its intense and fun-to-watch games. It has partnerships with major organisations like ASUS ROG, Roccat, TheGDStudio, and TV6, a Swedish channel. 

It featured a unique model where invited teams competed and actively promoted the league. Although ESL took over DreamHack as its organiser, Dream League maintains its Tier 1 status, attracting top teams and offering substantial prize pools.

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BTS Pro Series

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The BTS Pro Series is another Dota 2 event to look forward to!
Many teams get discovered through this tournament series.
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That’s right! It’s an amazing platform for teams to showcase their capabilities!

The BTS Dota 2 Pro Series is an online tournament hosted by Beyond The Summit. It features different invited teams to the series. The tournament follows a specific format. 

Teams are seeded into the group stage, while others are directly seeded into the playoffs. This structure ensures a competitive and engaging competition among the participating teams.

In 2023, the tournament's overall winner was Talon Esports, after competing against Fnatic. The team won a total of $16,000. This prize pool varies depending on the competition for its current season.

Dota 2 betting options

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What makes Dota 2 one of the most popular esports among punters is its wide variety of available bets. However, note that the availability of these bets will depend on the sportsbook you are betting with. 

Betting markets are specific outcomes you can bet on in a sporting event. Make sure that you are familiar with the available options, so you know which one to bet on.

At, there is a huge selection of betting options available. These are:

In-play betting

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If you want to enjoy a more thrilling betting experience, consider in-play betting!
What does in-play betting mean?
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In-play means live or in progress. This means you can bet on live Dota 2 games as you watch teams play against each other!

Also known as live betting, Dota 2 in-play betting is popular among punters. When in-play betting, you can place bets on various aspects of a Dota 2 match while it is in progress. 

At, you can find some great Dota in-play betting options:

  • Winner: Predict which team will emerge as the winner of the ongoing match. It's a simple yet engaging way to support your favourite team or make an informed prediction based on the team's performance and momentum.
  • Total Maps: Predict the total number of maps to be played in the match. You can bet on whether you think the match will be decided in a 2-0 victory for one team or if it will go to a third deciding map. 
  • 1st Map - 1st Barracks: Place a bet on which team will be the first to destroy a barracks on a specific map. Analyse the strategies and momentum of both teams to make an educated guess on which team will gain an early advantage and secure the destruction of a barracks.
  • 1st Map - 1st Tower: Predict which team will be the first to destroy a tower on the first map of the match. Towers are crucial objectives in Dota 2, and destroying them signifies a team's early advantage. By observing the teams' draft, early game strategies, and map control, you can guess which team will secure the first tower takedown.
  • First Blood: This market involves guessing which team will secure the first kill of the match. Analysing teams' early-game aggression, heroes' laning potential, and potential level-one engagement can help you accurately guess which team will draw first blood.

Outrights betting

What makes it different from in-play betting?
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Instead of betting on a live match, you are betting on the overall result of a tournament!
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This betting option typically offers bigger payouts for a won bet.

Also known as futures betting, it is a form of sports betting where you place a wager on the outcome of an event or competition that will be determined in the future. This involves predicting the overall winner of a league, tournament, championship, or other long-term event.

It's important to note that outright bets are settled after the event or competition. With this, you have to wait for a considerable amount of time before knowing the outcome of your bet.

Dota 2 betting odds formats

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Odds are a vital factor in betting, whether it’s sports or esports. They represent the implied probability of any game or tournament outcome.
You can also discover your potential payouts from these odds, regardless of format!
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To help you make informed bets, offers different Dota 2 odds formats that show you the potential outcomes for specific markets. You'll find three main types on the site. These are: 

  • American: The underdog is represented by a positive (+) number, while the favourite is indicated by a negative (-) number. To calculate the underdog's potential payout, divide your wager by 100 and then multiply the result by the odds provided. For the favourite, divide the odds by 100, then multiply the result by your bet. 
  • Decimal: As its name suggests, the decimal odds formats represent odds through decimals. A lower decimal indicates the favourite, while a higher decimal indicates the underdog. To calculate your potential payout with decimal odds, multiply your stake by the odds.
  • Hong Kong: Hong Kong odds follow a unique pattern. If the odds are lower than one, it signifies the favourite. On the other hand, if the odds are greater than 1, it indicates the underdog. To calculate your potential winnings, add 1 to the Hong Kong odds and then multiply the result by the Hong Kong odds.
You can easily change between these odds formats. Simply scroll down and check the left sidebar of the page. Under the languages available, you will find these formats.

Dota 2 betting strategies to try

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To maximise your odds of winning Dota 2 bets, try betting strategies!
Do you have any strategies you can recommend?
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There are tons! However, you must know that these do not guarantee the success of your bets.
I see! I’ll keep note of that.
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To improve your winning odds, here are some Dota 2 betting strategies to consider:

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Stay updated on the patch updates

Dota 2 regularly updates and releases patches that introduce changes to heroes, items, and game mechanics. It is crucial to keep up with these patches and study their impact on the game. 

Some teams excel at adapting to new patches quickly, while others struggle. You'll gain an edge in your betting decisions by staying informed about the latest changes and anticipating how they might affect different teams.

Learn about the teams playing

Another approach to successful Dota 2 betting is to study the teams competing in a match. This involves researching their recent performances, studying their playstyles, understanding their strengths and weaknesses, and considering any roster changes or player substitutions. You can make wiser betting decisions by having a deep understanding of the teams involved.

Bankroll management

A key strategy when Dota 2 betting is to establish a budget for your betting sessions. It is important to split your bankroll into smaller units and avoid placing large bets that can quickly deplete your funds. 

A commonly recommended guideline is to wager no more than 2-5% of your total bankroll on a single bet. By sticking to this rule of thumb, you can manage your funds more effectively and minimise the risk of significant losses. 

Study head-to-head records

Studying the historical head-to-head matchups among teams can provide you with some valuable insights. Some teams may have a favourable record against specific opponents, while others struggle against certain playstyles. Learning about teams’ past encounters, including strategies and performance under pressure, can help you gauge the chance of a team's success in future matchups.

Remember, successful betting in Dota 2 requires research, analysis, and understanding of the game and its dynamics. No single strategy guarantees success. So, adapting and refining your approach based on changing circumstances and new information is important.

Sportsbet bonus programs and promotions

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At, you can enjoy a more rewarding Dota 2 experience!
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This site has various special events and promotions you can join.
Check the site’s promotions page regularly and use Dota 2 or esports promos to your advantage!
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Aside from esports promotions, you can also maximise your esports betting experience by enjoying these offers and features:


At, they highly value their dedicated users. With their Clubhouse program, you can earn rewards simply by betting and playing on the site. By placing bets on Dota 2, you not only engage in thrilling gameplay but also accumulate valuable Clubhouse points. 

These push you towards different Clubhouse Tiers, unlocking a world of exciting rewards as you make progress. Once you reach a certain milestone, you can enjoy a selection of bonuses. These range from free bets to cashback offers and much more. 

Crypto betting promotions

There is also a wide range of thrilling crypto promotions designed to provide both excitement and lucrative rewards. By actively participating in these promotions and fulfilling the specified criteria, you have the chance to earn crypto rewards in return.

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Bet on Dota 2 in

To start betting on Dota 2 at, you need an account first.

Here are a few steps to create an account at

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  1. Visit and click the 'Register' button. This is at the upper right corner of the page. 
  2. Once you click the 'Register' button, a prompt will appear where you have to provide your login information. This includes choosing a unique username, entering your email address, specifying your birth date, and creating a secure password. Choose a strong password to ensure the security of your account.
  3. Then, tick the box confirming that you are at least 18 years old. 
  4. Once you have completed the necessary fields and confirmed your age, you are all set! Your account has been created, and you can now start exploring the features and services provided by the platform.
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With an account, you can start betting on Dota 2 matches!
Yep! Don’t forget to deposit funds in your account!
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Click on the esports section found on the left section of the page. Here, you will find the various esports titles you can bet on. Select the Dota 2 icon. This will show you the available Dota 2 matches and tournaments. 

When you click on what you want to bet on, the betting markets for that match will appear. Place your bets and wait patiently for the results of the game.

Wager on Dota 2 games using crypto at is the best site for your Dota 2 bets. This is thanks to their competitive odds and wide range of betting markets. You can also use the different features, such as the esports betting slip, to monitor your wagers.

To start betting at, create an account and deposit funds, which only takes a few minutes. Good luck with your Dota 2 bets!


How does betting work in Dota 2?

Simply click on a Dota 2 match you wish to bet on at to see the different betting markets. Choose, set your bet amount, and then wait for the results!

What are the types of Dota 2 bets?

There are tons of Dota 2 bet types available. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • Winner
  • Total Maps
  • First Blood
  • Kills Handicap
  • Correct Score
  • To Win At Least One Map
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