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An engrossing experience awaits you in DOTA 2 when you wager on major leagues and tournaments on Sportsbet. If you think it can’t get any more interesting, our site offers you a new way to enjoy and increase the excitement of venturing inside the magical realm of the Defense of the Ancients. 

Released in 2013, the DOTA 2 is a sequel to the Defense of the Ancients by Valve Corporation which is a multiplayer game where people can battle in a virtual realm where they can build bases and a dimension where different magical creatures combat each other. In 2020, the number of DOTA 2 players peaked over 714,000 concurrent players. 

So, if you’re a fan and you want to take the thrill to the next level, wager now and support your favourite DOTA team here at Sportsbet! 

Betting on DOTA 2 may seem easy, but there are a lot of things you need to consider before you place your wagers. So, if you’re excited to improve your DOTA 2 betting skills, here’s a basic guideline that can help you.

DOTA 2: How to get started with betting on your favourites

Increase the fun and excitement in DOTA 2 when you wager on your favourite leagues on Sportsbet. You can experiment on different odds and leagues because we want nothing but the best for you. Here are some of the odds you can wager on in  DOTA 2:

In-play betting 

DOTA 2 In-play betting happens when the event has started up to the end. If you want to assess the match, betting on In-play wagers is your perfect option because you can analyse and see how the game goes real-time. 

Next 24 hours betting 

If you can’t wait to place your wagers for DOTA 2, Sportsbet has a next 24-hours bet that you can wager on.

Future betting 

Future betting is simply wagering on a match that will take place in the near future. If you’re anticipating adding extra fun to your betting this wager is perfect for you because instead of placing wagers on a single team, you can wager on the entire match and generate huge profits. 

Outright betting

If you know what team will win the entire tournament, then you can try outright betting! Wait for the season to finish and then if you guessed right, you can get your payout.

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DOTA Leagues you can wager on in Sportsbet


BTS or also known as Beyond the Summit Dota is an exciting esport event that features tournaments or DOTA players. Founded in 2012, this league has been providing high-quality events for esports fans. Under BTS Dota, you can find the following teams such as Arkosh Gaming, Simply Too Based, and Byzantine Raiders. 

Dreamhack DOTA 2

DreamHack is a LAN group where different DOTA events such as competitions take place. Here at Sportsbet, you can wager on teams such as Hellbear Smashers, Viking GG, and Team Secret. 

Dota2: Meet the characters 



The Earthshaker is a DOTA 2 character under the strength category. He comes from a different pedigree because he willed himself to existence. He doesn’t have a master and he’s in a perpetual state of sleep, ensconced in a thick stone before he existed. 


  • Fissure – Earthshaker has the power to collapse the ground with his fissure ability. Once unleashed in the battle field, the blow from the fissure can yield major damage to enemies. 
  • Enchant Totem – The enchant totem is a skill of the Earthshaker that he uses to improve his totem. Once the Earthshaker releases an enchant totem blow, he can inflict extra damage and a 75 bonus attack on his next attack. 
  • Aftershock – Because his character came from the Earth, the Earthshaker can create an aftershock that inflicts damage and stun nearby enemies in the field. 
  • Echo Slam – The Earthshaker can send powerful shockwaves using this.
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Night Stalker 

The Night Stalker is another character from the strength category that hails from the land of darkness. Before there was light in the world, he and his minions walked the earth. 


  • Void – The Night Stalker has the power to unleash the void to anyone and inflict extreme damage. Once this ability is set loose, it can have a mini-stun effect on creatures and interrupt its abilities. 
  • Crippling fear – Aside from the void, the Night Stalker can also make it suffer from crippling fear and silence them when he’s nearby. The crippling ability of the Nightshaker can last longer when it’s nighttime. 
  • Hunter in the night – The darkness is the Night Stalker’s element. Once he descends upon nighttime, he can attack anyone and anything without being noticed. 
  • Dark ascension – Once the Night Stalker enters this phase, he can swallow the sun and unleash total darkness in all the land. Additionally, he can increase abilities and deliver deadlier blows when he activates his dark ascension mode. 


Hailing from the Wailing Mountains, the Brewmaster is a member of the Ancient Order of the Oyo who has mastered the practise of communicating to spirits from the other realm. Born with divine origins, the Brewmaster is one of the characters in DOTA 2 under the strength category. 


  • Thunder Clap – The Brewmaster has an ability called the thunderclap which can halt the speed and abilities of his adversaries. Additionally, this can also affect the attack rate of enemies lurking nearby. 
  • Cinder brew – When threatened, the Brewmastr can unleash his cinder brew abilities that can slow down any spell attack from an enemy unit.
  • Drunken Brew – The Brewmaster has the power to unleash his Drunken Brawler and weasel out of any attack thrown at him. Once he enters his drunken brew state, his speed attack will increase and double the damage inflicted to enemies. 
  • Primal Split – Brewmaster can harness the elements into three balls of energy to create 3 warriors that can carry out his orders. If any one of them survives during battle, a new Brewamaster is reborn.


Vengeful Spirit

Hailing from the ill-tempered clan of Skywrath, the Vengeful Spirit is seeking revenge to anyone who will cross her path. After making a bargain with the goddess Scree’auk, she offered her broken wings and had herself turned into a powerful elemental, driven by her determination to serve punishment to those who wronged her. 


  • Magic missile – The Vengeful Spirit has the power to unleash a magic missile to enemy units and yield irreversible damage to those who get in contact with the explosion. 
  • Wave of Terror – When in anguish the Vengeful Spirit can let out a shrill cry that can weaken anyone from the enemy unit. Her cries can show her enemies what will happen in the near-future.
  • Vengeful Aura – If threatened, the Vengeful Spirit can let loose her Vengeance Aura that can inflict the damage on enemies nearby.
  • Nether Swap – The Nether swap allows the Vengeful Spirit to swap with energies with friends, enemies, and heroes. It can stall the changeling abilities of her target.
Pangolier 8


The Pangolier is one of the characters in DOTA 2 under the agility category. He is a skilled swordsman who has hedonistic tendencies. His line of work has led him to slay different heroes and monsters who come in his way. 


  • Swashbuckle – Once activated, the Pangolier will race through the target line and deliver slashes to his enemies in swift motions. He can inflict major damages with this ability. 
  • Shield Crash – Once unleashed, the Pangolin will jump in the air and collide to the ground and deliver damage to his enemies. All the exposed enemies in the range increase his power. 
  • Lucky Shot – During this event, the Pangolier will throw a set of dice and let fate dictate what will happen to his enemies. It can slow, disarm, and reduce the armour of his adversaries. 
  • Roll-up – The roll-up ability of the Pangolier allows him to metamorphose into a protective ball. Once triggered, the roll-up power can deliver the Rolling Thunder and inflict damage on enemies. 
  • Rolling Thunder – Pangolier will curl into a protective ball immune to spells and attacks. While he’s rolling, his momentum will increase and can race through trees. He will strike enemies and knock them down. 

Monkey King 

Inspired by the character of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King is one of the DOTA 2 characters under the Agility category. Before he came to be, the Monkey King was pinioned between two mountains, with his head as the only exposed part of his body. The elder gods trapped him as a punishment for his rebellion. 

Eventually, the Monkey King was absolved of his sins and was released from his divine sentence. His task is to guide a young hero succeed in a pilgrimage that requires the assistance of a deity. 


  • Boundless Strike – Once active, the boundless strike ability of the Monkey King will enlarge his staff and create a rift on the ground that will stun the enemies within attack range. The Boundless Strike has a critical effect on affected adversaries. 
  • Tree Dance – The Monkey King will climb onto a tree and perform a leap attack. While he’s perched on a tree, he will develop a Primal Spring ability that will strengthen his blow. If the tree gets destroyed, he will fall onto the ground and enter a stunned state that will last for 4 seconds. 
  • Jingu Mastery – The Monkey King will strike and unleash the Jingu Bang’s abilities. Once he delivers the fourth hit towards his target, he will obtain four charged attacks that will yield a bonus and a life steal. 
  • Wukong’s Command –  Wukong will produce a circle formation of his soldiers that will spread throughout the battle range. If the Monkey King abandons his position, his minions will follow him and disperse in the grounds. Additionally, this feature will grant a bonus armour. 


The Broodmother has thrived in darkness for centuries between the simmering pits of the Mount Pyrotheros. During her stay, she gave birth to millions of spiders and sent them to the outside world to bring chaos and terror to people. 


  • Spawn Spiderlings  – The Broodmother will unleash her spawns in the enemy unit to create damage. Once the spiderlings hatches, they will look for targets and inflict damage. 
  • Spin Web –  The Broodmother will weave a large web that will make her increase her speed and mobility. Additionally, this feature will boost regeneration during battle. 
  • Incapacitating bite – When the Broodmother uses this ability, she will spike poison towards her enemies and cripple them. 
  • Silken Bola – Once activated, the Silken Bola will target enemies and stun them for 2.5 seconds. 
  • Insatiable Hunger – The Broodmother will develop an insatiable hunger for vital fluids that can increase the gravity of her attacks.
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With her innocent and mystical beauty, Aiushtha is one of the most revered creatures in the woods. Despite her fragile demeanor, she has the ability to fare through battles and take down enemies. She keeps the forest and its inhabitants safe.


  • Impetus – Each Impetus attacks will inflict damage on the enemies depending on how far the target is. The impact is greater when the prey is at a distance. 
  • Enchant – As a member of the fair folk, the Enchantress has the power to enchant enemies and slow down their progress. If her attacker is a creep, she has the ability to control it and slow down their damage and deteriorate their health. 
  • Nature’s attendants – If the Enchantress’ receives a blow, her attendants will form a circle around and heals her wounds. 
  • Sproink – Once the Enchantress unleashes the sproink, she can leap backwards and dodge incoming attacks from enemies. Additionally, she can deliver an Impetus blow towards enemies within the attack range.  
  • Untouchable – The untouchable features will attract her enemies and reveal their next move. 
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