affiliate: How to become a partner

Do you love sports and want to monetise your passion? Look no further! is a leading crypto sports betting site offering the chance to become a partner through the site’s lucrative affiliate program. 

Whether you're a sports enthusiast or a content creator, becoming a affiliate earns you generous commissions while promoting the thrill of sports betting to a wider audience. Learn how to become one with this guide: 

What is the affiliate program?

A sports affiliate program is a special opportunity to earn money by promoting an online sportsbook. As a affiliate, you become the site’s direct partner and promote’s services through your sites, social media, forums, or links.

In return, you earn a commission for each person you refer who becomes an active customer. You can earn a commission of up to 35% for each player.

There's also no limit to how many users you can invite. Every month, you will receive passive profits from the betting activities of the users you refer. affiliate rules

Take note of the following rules and guidelines for the affiliate programme:

  • does not advertise on websites for kids or adults. The site reserves the right to freeze your affiliate account if you use such resources.
  • You earn revenue based on the betting activity of the customer you bring in. 
  • There is no limit on the number of users you can bring in.
  • The highest possible commission you can receive as an affiliate is 35%.
  • Only provide honest info about yourself when verifying your identity.
  • You have read and agreed with's rules and conditions. 

How can I join the affiliate program?

Follow these simple steps to join’s affiliate program:

  • Access’s affiliate page.
  • Click on the ‘Sign up now’ button.
  • Create your affiliate account by filling out the registration form. Enter your complete name, email address, password, and phone number. 
  • Tick the box to agree to the terms and conditions. 
  • Click the ‘Register’ button.

After signing up, the affiliate program team will review your application. will contact you once your account has been approved, 

How to get your affiliate link

Log in to your affiliate account by providing your registered username and password. Once logged in, follow these steps:

  • Under ‘Tracking links’ click ‘Get your Link’.
  • Scan through the marketing tools, tracking links, and promotional options available. 
  • Select one of the affiliate links available to promote
  • Customise your affiliate campaign by choosing banners in GIF and HTML format. 
  • Post the affiliate link on your site or social media channels.

What are the benefits of joining the affiliate program?

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As a book maker affiliate, there are plenty of benefits you can enjoy:

  • Player’s Choice Casino → is a leading crypto sportsbook with tons of sports and esports betting options. The site was also selected as the Best New Casino in the Askgamblers Awards and the #1 Players choice in 2020. Being a affiliate brings recognition and allows you to access a larger pool of potential customers.
  • Generous 35% commission → The site offers a competitive commission rate of 35%. This means you can earn a significant portion on every player you refer to the platform.
  • Bitcoin (BTC) only → Get paid with the world’s largest coin by market cap. BTC offers faster transactions, lower fees, and greater privacy than fiat currencies.
  • Fast payments → is known for its prompt and reliable payment system. As an affiliate, expect to receive your commissions within a few minutes. 
  • Advanced dashboard → The site provides affiliates with an advanced dashboard wherein your players, their deposits, and your commission are updated in real-time. You can also easily monitor player activity and optimise your marketing strategies accordingly.
  • Generous promos → offers Price Boosts for bigger wins, multi-bet insurance, cashback, leaderboards, and special deals. These generous offers will help you get the most out of your traffic.

How much can I earn as an affiliate? does not impose a limit on how much you can earn. You can bring in as many players as you like and earn commissions throughout their gaming activity. 

The amount of first-time deposits (FTDs) you bring in determines the fee percentage you receive. Here is a breakdown:


FTDs required



1 to 15 FTDs



16 to 40 FTDs



41 and more FTDs


How is my affiliate profit calculated?

Whenever your referred player bets on, you get a percentage of his revenue. Formula to calculate your profit: 

(bets – wins – bonuses – network fee of 20%) x (your commission percentage)

How can I track my performance? 

All the important data is on the main dashboard, and if you want a more in-depth analysis, check the 'Reports' section.

Use reports to keep track of your own and your sub-affiliate’s performance. The reports also have filter options to track activities based on various factors.

What are the terms and conditions of the sports betting affiliate program?

Here are some of the general terms and conditions (T&Cs) that outline the expectations, responsibilities, and parameters of’s affiliate program:

Acceptance of an affiliate reserves the sole and absolute discretion to reject any affiliate programme application.

Requirements to qualify 

The affiliate certifies that he or she:

  • Is of legal age to consent to and enter into the agreement in the applicable jurisdiction.
  • Has the required authority and competence to join into legally binding contracts.
  • Holds all rights, licences, and permits needed to promote, advertise, and market in compliance with the terms of the Agreement.
  • Will ensure adherence to all relevant laws, rules, and regulations that are relevant to the promotion of
  • Fully understands and accepts the terms of the agreement.

Duties and responsibilities of the affiliate

The affiliate pledges:

  • To advertise, market, and promote proactively and efficiently, to maximise the mutual benefit for all involved parties. Also, to comply with any guidelines that are established at any given time or as they are published online.
  • To promote and refer potential users to at its own expense and risk. The affiliate shall be solely responsible for the distribution, content, and execution of its promotional endeavours. Aside from complying with the T&Cs, all marketing activities of the affiliate must be professional, lawful, and follow all applicable laws.
  • To use only the tracking link or bonus code provided by the affiliate program. Failure to do so does not guarantee accurate registration and sales accounting. Also, no to alteration or modifying any link or marketing material without’s written consent.
  • To ensure liability for all content and operations of along with its development, operation, and maintenance.
  • Not to engage in any activity that is libellous, discriminatory, profane, unlawful, or unsuitable. To also refrain from using materials that are sexually explicit, pornographic, obscene, or graphically violent.
  • Not to recruit users below the legal age for gambling.
  • Not to actively seek out jurisdictions that have outlawed gambling or the advertising of such activities.
  • Not to generate traffic to through illegal or fraudulent ways including but not limited to:
    • Sending spam.
    • Putting up incorrect meta tags.
    • Signing up as a player or depositing money directly or indirectly into an affiliate account through his/her tracker(s) for personal use or the use of others. Any breach of this provision shall be considered fraud.
  • Not to buy domains with names, words, and phrases that are or may be considered to be part of
  • Not to offer rakeback, cashback, incentive, or run bonus programs without prior consent. 

Affiliate dormancy

Here are the T&Cs for inactive affiliates:

  • An affiliate who does not create any FTDs for 6 months consecutively will be labelled dormant.
  • If an affiliate is deemed dormant, its compensation structure will be changed to a set revenue-sharing rate of 5% from the active gamers referred to in the past. This fee will remain in effect until the affiliate becomes active again. 
  • The dormant affiliate will be promptly reactivated as an active affiliate if it generates at least one (1) FTD after being dormant. The affiliate will also revert to their commission programme from before they were dormant.


Sub-affiliates are those who meet all of the requirements of the program. If the sub-affiliate(s) joins through one of your sub-affiliate referral links, your affiliate account will be linked to them. You will then assume the role of master affiliate. 

Here are other sub-affiliate T&Cs to keep in mind:

  • To become a master affiliate, you need to submit a request. Once approved, you will receive a referral link. 
  • For an affiliate to become a sub-affiliate, they must register for the affiliate programme via the provided sub-affiliate referral link. Make sure that the registration of a sub-affiliate goes smoothly. The sub-affiliate will be unlinked if any of the stages are not completed accurately. 
  • You’ll get 5% of the commission of each sub-affiliate that you bring on board. Commission fees are subject to change at any time and without notice. The master affiliate will also take on any negative carryover from a sub-affiliate.
  • The T&Cs will apply to any sub-affiliate, and you'll be responsible for making sure that the sub-affiliate fulfils its obligations as outlined in the agreement.


The following are the T&Cs for payments under the affiliate program:

  • Any affiliate site or other channel that brings in players gives the affiliate a commission based on the Net Gaming Revenue. The commission includes any taxes that are due, including value-added tax.
  • The commission is computed after every month. Payments must be completed by the 8th working day of every month unless the outstanding balance surpasses 100 USDT. If the balance owed falls below the minimum threshold, it shall be carried over to the following month. 
  • Affiliates will get their commissions in their desired currency. If an error is made in the calculation, the affiliate will receive the over or underpayment on the 15th working day of the month. If you haven’t received payment by the 15th working day, the commission will be paid out in full the following month once the required details are submitted. 
  • No payment will be made if the traffic produced violates any provision in the agreement.
  • The affiliate must repay any earnings earned through deceitful or fraudulent activities, in addition to covering any expenses incurred as a result of any legal proceedings launched against the affiliate.


Here are the T&Cs for the termination of a affiliate contract:

  • Either party may terminate the agreement by providing the other with written notice of termination 30 days in advance. 
  • The contracting parties hereby consent that:
    • The affiliate shall, upon termination of the Agreement, delete all mentions of from the affiliate website. This includes other marketing channels regardless if the communications are commercial or non-commercial.
    • Upon the termination of the agreement, the affiliate's rights and licences shall revert to the respective licensors.
    • The affiliate shall receive only their earned and unpaid commissions as of the termination date. To verify the accuracy of the affiliate's final payment, it may be withheld for a reasonable period. Following the termination date, the affiliate will no longer be eligible to earn or receive commissions.


The affiliate agrees and acknowledges that the use of the internet is entirely at its own risk and that the affiliate program is provided 'as is' and 'as available' without any express or implied warranties or conditions. There is no assurance that access to the affiliate site will be available at any specific time or location.

Become a affiliate today and earn big commissions

Be a affiliate and open up exciting opportunities to earn commissions by promoting the platform and attracting new users. It's a great chance to be part of the exciting world of sports betting and earn revenue at the same time. What are you waiting for? Start your journey as a affiliate today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Learn more about’s affiliate program with these FAQs: Affiliate Program is free! You can help promote the brand and will fairly compensate you for your efforts.’s affiliate program is open and not limited to website owners, bloggers, content creators, and social media influencers.
The site provides a dedicated dashboard to monitor your referrals, track earnings, and view reports. provides affiliates with a range of marketing materials including banners and links.
Promote’s services through your sites, social media, forums or links and earn a commission for each user you refer who becomes an active customer.
You must adhere to's T&Cs which include restrictions on certain affiliate promotional methods or compliance with relevant regulations and laws. does not advertise on sites for kids or those with restricted content. Affiliates who do not comply with the site's policy against restricted advertising will have their accounts terminated. Should an affiliate use these methods, reserves the right to take legal action against them.
Yes. There are other channels including Facebook, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, Telegram, and WhatsApp to effectively promote without owning a site.
Your commission is added to your player account at the start of each month. You can instantly withdraw your earnings to your BTC wallet or use them to bet.
You can only refer players of legal age for gambling under an allowed jurisdiction. uses cookies and unique tracking codes to identify your referred players under casino or sportsbook affiliates.
No, you can monitor all of your sites with only one account. You can also make multiple tracking links for each site.
Payments for affiliates are paid every month. provides access to a range of data and reporting tools, such as real-time tracking of referrals, player activity, and earnings.
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