Exciting Sportsbet promotions for the best betting experience

The best betting experience is always within your reach at Sportsbet.io. It is hailed as the best crypto bookmaker on the internet for many compelling reasons. Among them are wide sports betting coverage and a grand selection of casino games you can play on the side. Plus, the platform offers features you won’t find anywhere else, enhancing your betting experience. 

Check out all of the promotions, bonuses, and features at Sportsbet.io with this guide.  

What are the different promotions in Sportsbet.io?

To understand Sportsbet promotions, start by knowing the terms of services. The site offers exciting experiences on top of the adrenaline-pumping action from sports betting. Benefits include making risk-free bets that still pay cash like regular wagers making payouts even more rewarding. Here are promos that you can enjoy right from the get-go when using their services:


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The Clubhouse at Sportsbet.io provides cool features. You can watch the Behind the Bet program on Clubhouse TV, catch up on sports news, and listen to podcasts. It’s your one-stop shop for the latest sports events updates and recaps. 

One great thing about the Clubhouse is the loyalty program. Every bet you make with at least 1 Tether (USDT) rewards you Clubhouse Points. Collect enough points to reach the next tier and qualify for a level-up reward and new benefits.

All bets count in the Clubhouse benefits, whether sports betting or playing casino games. You can also use any crypto you wish like Bitcoin (BTC), USDT, or Ethereum (ETH). When you level up, you can choose rewards from Free Bet, Free Spins, Free Hands, and Cashback prizes. Pick whichever one you like best when you level up. 

Betslip sharing

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Betslip sharing is a program made possible by Sportsbet.io. You no longer need to take screenshots of your tickets just to show them to your peers using WhatsApp or Telegram. Just find the ‘share bet slip’ option while managing your wagers to give anyone a copy of your predictions, odds, and ante size. 

Sharing a bet slip is a fun way to start a discussion about the upcoming match. You can take other people’s objections and adjust your predictions or they can copy your tickets. When they use your link to make their bets on Sportsbet.io, this opens an opportunity for you to earn extra rewards. Every winning ticket made using your link pays you up to 5% commission. 

You can keep track of your earnings and commission credit in the ‘My Bet’ menu. It’s a fun way to make some extra cash while chatting with friends and fellow sports fans. 

Promo code

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Using promo codes is a fun way to get more free spins in various casino games. You can find this feature in the ‘My Reward’ section where you click on the ‘Claim Reward’ button. Doing so opens a pop-up window where you can input the Sportsbet.io code. Claim it to enjoy the bonuses offered at the terms of services that the code came with.

Sportsbet.io codes can come from various sources. Some of them are sent to you through email as a freebie for being a loyal customer. Other sources can be one of the special offers at Sportsbet.io. Most of which are available through affiliate programs and seasonal events.  

Sportsbet special offers up for grabs when in season

Besides what’s offered above, there are also plenty of fun promos you can only grab while they are available during the season. These Sportsbet. special offers are available to promote certain games, software providers, or events in the season when you opt in. They each work differently so read the terms and conditions to learn more about them. 

Lucky Streak Leaderboard

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Lucky Streak Leaderboard offers you tournaments you can join for a chance to win your share of the 15,000 prize pool. The rules will vary depending on the active tournament but they all require you to opt in to participate. Once you do so, you become one of many contestants trying to earn points and climb the leaderboard. 

You earn points by placing bets above the minimum (specified in the terms of the tournament) amount for the featured games. This can be a slot game, a casino table game, or a sports bet as it’s different every week. Up to the 100th placer can get a cut of the 15,000 USDT prize pool, so aim high to earn more cash. 

60K Victory Vault

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minimum bet of 50 USDT you make in the current week’s top sports events. Points you earn scale with the odds of your wagers, giving you up to 15 points for odds over 5.00 Decimal or equivalent in other formats. 

Climb the leaderboard and aim for at least the top 100 to win a share of the 60,000 USDT prize pool and higher placements get a bigger cut. The prize distribution and whether they’ll be free bets or cash depends on the current week’s conditions. 

Up to 1,000 USDT deposit bonus with Basketball Forever

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With Basketball Forever, you’ll receive 100% of your first deposit of up to 1,000 USDT in cash rewards. To activate this bonus, opt-in before making a transaction then claim the benefits from ‘My Rewards’. The minimum deposit to activate this bonus is 20 USDT or equivalent but there is no maximum. However, you can only get a 1,000 USDT cash reward even if your deposit exceeds that amount. 

Predict and win 10,000 USDT

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When the English Premier League (EPL) is back in full swing, the Bet Free-6-6 promo returns, giving you the chance to win big. Predict the outcomes of 6 of the biggest matches of the week and you could win up to 100,000 USDT. All your bets must win to qualify for this promo. 

If no one gets all 6 predictions right, participants are paid based on their leaderboard placement. The top 5 participants of the Bet Free-6-6 promo receive prizes in USDT with the highest prize being 500 USDT and the lowest being 25 USDT. Prizes are paid out the next day at 15:00 GMT. This promo only counts towards bets on EPL matches and you can use it in any week of the season. 

Score big with MLB Season Cashback: Up to 20%

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Baseball fans can go wild with the Major League Baseball (MLB) Season Cashback. Get up to 20% of your wagers on all your losses within 7 days and the prizes back on the 8th day. The cashback rate depends on your overall losses. You get 10% back from losses between 250 to 999.99 USDT, 15% if it’s 1,000 to 2,499 USDT, and 20% on 2,500 USDT or more. 

Despite its name, this Sportsbet.io promo applies to all baseball bets. Whether you’re into Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) or other leagues, you can enjoy this bonus. Simply opt-in and deposit to activate its benefits, and then the 7-day period begins.

Newcastle F.C. Super Boost

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Newcastle United F.C. fans can have fun with this exciting promo from a partnership with Sportsbet.io. This is the Super Boost, an improved version of the classic Price Boost. Place a bet on select Newcastle matches in the EPL and you can toggle the promo in the bet slip. Just click on the ‘Super Boost’ button before finalising your bet to activate the promo.

Super Boost increases your potential payout from a wager in the supported match. Unlike the classic Price Boost, this one doesn’t have a minimum odds or bet requirement. Activate it when available to maximise your winnings in football sports betting at Sportsbet.io.

Some of the most exciting Sportsbet.io bonuses 

You can always enjoy a Sportsbet.io bonus when you’re betting on sports and esports. Activate them when they’re available in the bet slip or opt-in at the promotions page to maximise their benefits. Read the terms and conditions for each one to know when’s the best time to use them or if they are available for the match you wish to place stakes on.

Price Boost

The Price Boost is one of the most readily available Sportsbet.io promotions. You can find it as a toggle in the bet slip. Manage your predictions and decide on your stake for each one. Then, find the ‘Price Boost’ label before clicking on ‘place bets’ to see if you can activate it. Simply turn on the toggle to apply it to your tickets and it will be applied on the ticket.

Price Boost increases the payout that you can claim from a winning bet. The bet slip tells you how much you’re winning if you activate it before placing your bets so you’ll know how rewarding it can be. 

Multi Insurance

Create a multi-bet with 5 or more legs in one stake. Each wager needs to have a minimum odds of 1.50 to count for this Sportsbet.io bonus. If it’s eligible, click on the ‘Apply for Multi Insurance’ in the bet slip when offered. The Multi Insurance bet can only be used every 24 hours so save it for an exciting wager. 

A Multi bet only wins if all legs win the bet and the Multi Insurance triggers when only one loses. When that happens, you recover your stake as a free bet that can be used within the next 48 hours. The insurance limit is only at 25 mBTC or equivalent in accepted currencies even if your original stake is more than that. 

Multi Bet multiplier

Combining five or more bets under one ante gives you a bigger potential payout than the sum of all the same predictions if staked individually. This happens because the Multi Bet Multiplier is applied, making such a high-risk prediction more rewarding. However, they should all win to count the Multi Bet as a winning wager. Otherwise, all of them count as losing bets. 

The fun element in Multi Bet Multiplier is how it becomes more rewarding with each additional leg added to the wager. Make it 20 legs and you’ll be eligible for the Multi Grand Slam which gives you an additional 10% extra price boost for each wager in the Multi Bet. Benefits from the Multi Insurance works here, too, so losing one bet results in a cashback of up to 25 mBTC or equivalent which is valid for 48 hours.    

Rapid Betting

Sportsbet.io offers Rapid Betting as a first-of-its-kind feature for making multiple bets in a quick and seamless method. It lists all live matches in one menu with two possible betting options per market. Rapid Betting covers common markets like winners and total over/under for all ongoing matches of the day. 

All the bets you made aren’t finalised immediately. You can still edit, remove, or raise the ante in the bet slip. Rapid Betting only simplifies the process of betting on winners. It also allows you to skip markets using the ‘skip’ button on the top right corner of the market card. Doing so removes similar markets from play so you can focus only on the types of bets that you prefer. 

Navigating Sportsbet Club Talk

Sportsbet Club Talk is a forum where all users gather and discuss sports, news, and bookmaker promotions. The feature can be found next to the Bet Slip and it functions like a live chat. Choose a chatroom to talk about specific sports and events where you can read others’ comments as well as give responses to join the discussion. 

You can scroll up to see older entries or downwards to find newer replies. If you want to move to a different chatroom, then use the drop box at the top of the menu. Remember to be courteous to other Sportsbet.io users and stay on topic. It's best to discuss topics related to the niche of the chatroom you're in.

Understanding the Sportsbet Cash Out feature

Sportsbet.io Cash Out is a feature available in the ‘My Active  Bet’ menu. This allows you to claim your winnings before the game finishes. Conditions for this vary per sport but it’s usually active when the match is almost over and the outcome is in your bet’s favour. 

The Cash Out value may differ from the price you initially accepted and it will be unavailable if the difference is more than a 2% increase or decrease. You can only use Cash Out if it’s within that threshold. This feature is available to most sports so keep an eye on your bets and don’t miss out on the opportunity to claim your winnings. 

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about Sportsbet.io features and promotions with these frequently asked questions:

There are three types of rewards you can get from Sportsbet promotions. Free spins are used for slot games and free chips are the same but specifically for table games only. For sports betting, you’ll want bonuses that offer cash rewards which are added to your bankroll.
No. All bonuses in Sportsbet.io work with all supported currencies (fiat or crypto). Value is measured and is awarded accordingly based on current conversion rates between that currency and USDT. The same is true for volatile crypto like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) as well as their interaction with bookmaker promotions that use Tether as a basis.
No program offers Sportsbet.io referral benefits at the moment. However, you can get promo codes you can redeem to get free rewards from the bookmaker. They can come from emails as a special treat to you or from affiliate programs. You can also share your bet slip and get a commission of up to 5% for winning bets made with your predictions.
Sportsbet.io reserves the right to disable certain features for customers with discretion. Reasons can include that you’ve claimed the desired bonus from a different account or if the promos are being updated. Some features are also tied to an event and can be disabled when the associated tournament/match is over.
Bonuses in Sportsbet.io are for all services in the bookmaker. Some are for sports betting in general or in specific sports. However, there are also promotions meant for casino gamblers who play slots and table games. There’s a special offer for all kinds of gamblers so be sure to check out what’s available to see which ones are best suited for you.
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