How to Multi Bet on Sportsbet? is a premier sports betting site, offering numerous exciting, up-to-date, and extensive betting options across a wide range of sports. Besides that, you can also revel in the allure of competitive odds, enhancing your overall experience. 

What makes special is the array of exceptional features available. Among these, the Multi Bet option on your bet slip stands out as a feature you must explore. Level up your sports betting experience by knowing more about this special feature and how to multi bet here.

General betting rules offers a fun, fast, and fair sports betting experience. To have a smooth and organised time here, it's important to understand and follow the platform's rules:

  • In terms of bet outcomes:
    • All bets placed before the start of a match (pre-live bets) will be settled once the match ends, regardless of whether you have known the outcome of your bet during the game.
    • reserves the right to delay the settlement of a bet in the event of disputes regarding the outcome of a market. The platform may choose to wait until a verified and official result is available.
    • In case a market remains open after the outcome is already known, reserves the right to cancel or declare the bet void.
    • If a match's coverage is interrupted but later resumes and finished properly, all bets will be settled based on the final result. However, if the match lacks a verified official result, reserves the right to void the bets.
  • In terms of any bet errors:
    • Unless there is a clear error in the bet’s name or details, the bet will remain active and valid.
    • reserves the right to cancel bets if there are obvious errors in the displayed odds or price calculations. 
    • In case there is an error in the settlement of markets, has the right to correct them anytime.
  • In case of match errors:
    • can cancel a bet as void if a match goes against the standard and accepted rules of the actual game. This includes cases such as an unusual game length or changes in the format during the match.
    • Bets are also voided if the match does not conform to or deviate from the standard or accepted norms of the platform.
    • All bets are considered for regular time outcome unless otherwise specified.
    • All undecided markets are voided if a match is not completed or does not take place due to reasons such as changes in draws, disqualifications, and so on.
  • In terms of bet markets:
    • reserves the right to make decisions based on fairness and equity in cases where situations arise not covered by these rules.
    • Outright markets are 'all in run or not'. This means if the team or player you bet on does not participate in the game, your bet will be deemed a loss. Dead Heat rules, which determine payouts in the event of a tie, will be applied.
    • For in-play Asian Handicap betting, the scoreline of the match is considered to be 0:0 at the time when the bet is placed. Note that this rule is specific to soccer and esoccer.
    • Player-related betting markets will be considered once a player enters the field, court, rink, or any relevant playing area at any time, no matter how long they play.
  • In terms of Video Assistant Referee (VAR):
    • If a settled bet is found to be wrong due to the Video Assistant Referee (VAR), can reverse the settlement. This is regardless of whether the VAR decision occurred during or after the match.
    • Bets made during a VAR review incident are considered void. However, if the VAR review does not alter the decision made by the on-field officials or does not have any impact on the bets in question, the bets will remain valid.
    • All bets unaffected by the VAR review will remain valid and will be settled based on the original match outcome.

Please note that these are the general rules for sports betting at For specific rules about each sport, you can visit the help centre for more detailed information.

What is multibet?

The Multi Bet is a special feature which enables you to combine multiple bets from different matches into a single bet slip. The odds of each included bet are multiplied, thereby increasing potential winnings.

However, based on Sportsbet multi bet rules, every selection in the bet must be successful for you to win. If one selection loses, the entire multibet is lost. In case one or more bets or legs are voided within the multibet, the odds will be re-calculated based on the remaining legs.

What are single bets and multi bets? offers a diverse range of betting selections to cater to different player preferences. Apart from the multi bet, there is also a single bet option, a standard option for all punters. To prevent any confusion, here is a table highlighting the differences between a single bet and a multi bet.

Single bet

Multi bet

Includes a bet with only one selection; placed on a single outcome or event.

Involves multiple selections into a single wager; placed on different matches.

Payout is based on the odds of the single selection.

Payout is based on the combined odds of all the bet selections. 

The risk is lower as there is only one outcome to keep an eye on.

The risk is higher as all the bet selections must win for the overall wager to be successful.

Stake amount will be solely placed on the single selection.

Stake amount will be divided across all selections.

Payout is calculated by multiplying the stake amount by the odds of the single bet.

Payout is calculated by multiplying the odds of all the bet selections together, and then multiplying that result by the stake amount.

How to place a single bet?

Placing a single bet at is a simple and easy process. To help you, here is a step-by-step guide on how to do so:

  • Log in or sign up for a account.
  • Go to the section of your desired sports or events. For instance, if you want to bet on the English Premier League, go to the Soccer section.
  • Explore the available tournaments, matches, as well as betting markets.
  • Select the market that you want to bet on.
  • Click the odds of that specific market. For a single bet, you can only select one market or outcome.
  • Your bet will then be added to your bet slip, on the right side of the screen.
  • On your bet slip, enter the amount you want to wager.
  • Once done, check the details on your bet slip and ensure everything is correct to avoid errors.
  • Tap the green ‘Place Bet’ button at the bottom of the bet slip to confirm your bet.
  • Wait for the event to finish. You will be paid accordingly if your bet wins. platform features for multi betting

More than just single and multi bets, offers numerous special betting features for its punters. Take the chance to learn more about these features and discover how you can fully leverage them to enhance your betting experience.

Multi Insurance

Multi Insurance is a special feature that allows you to receive your stake back as a Free Bet if one bet selection loses in your 5+ leg multi bet. Here's how it works:

  • Place a multi bet with at least five selections and minimum odds of 1.50.
  • On your bet slip, click the 'Apply Multi Insurance' checkbox. Please note that you are allowed only one Multi Insurance bet every 24 hours.
  • Place your bet.
  • The Multi Insurance feature helps mitigate the risk of losing your entire bet. If your multi bet loses by only one bet selection, your stake will be credited back as a Free Bet.
  • If you lose your multi bet by one selection, the returned free bet will be valid for 48 hours only. Additionally, it must be used on selections with minimum odds of 1.50.
  • Please note that the Multi Insurance bet does not apply to Asian Total/Asian Handicap markets.

Multi Bet Multiplier

The Multi Bet Multiplier is a feature that lets you boost your total return by up to 20% for a 5+ leg multi bet on any sport or event. Here's how it works:

  • You can maximise your reward by placing a multi bet with 5+ selections, up to the 20-leg Grand Slam, which offers the highest boost. The boost percentage increases as you add more selections to your bet slip.
  • For 2-4 selections, you receive the regular price boost for one selection.
  • With 5 selections, you get a +7% boost.
  • For 6 selections, you receive a +1% boost.
  • For 7-12 selections, you get an extra +2% boost for each new selection, up to a maximum boost of 20%.
  • The Multi Bet Multiplier can be applied to your bet slip when you have minimum odds of 1.50.
  • The maximum stake amount for which the Multi Bet Multiplier is fully applied is 130 mBTC.
  • To activate the Multi Bet Multiplier, place a 5+ leg multi bet with the minimum odds and maximum stake amount, then activate the 'Multi Insurance' in the bet slip.

Bet Builder

Bet Builder is a feature on that allows you to make customised bets within the same game. It allows you to combine multiple bet markets into a single bet, offering the potential for higher returns. Here's how it works:

  • Bet Builder is available only for selected sports, events, and customers. The platform reserves the right to disable the feature at any time.
  • Once you access a match or sports event that allows Bet Builder, you will find the Bet Builder option at the top of the market list.
  • Read the Bet Builder’s terms and conditions to avoid any confusion. You can find the terms and conditions at this link: Bet Builder Terms & Conditions
  • After reviewing and agreeing to the terms and conditions, click the 'Build your bet' button.
  • Various markets will appear, allowing you to select which ones to combine in your bet. You can choose from popular markets, match-specific markets, team-specific markets, and players-specific markets.
  • As you select your bets, your odds will be calculated and displayed below.
  • If you are satisfied with the bet you have built, click on the green button displaying your odds and select 'Add To Betslip'.
  • Your bet will then be reflected in your single bet slip.
  • Enter your desired bet amount.
  • Finally, click 'Place Bet' to confirm your bet.

How are odds calculated for multi bets?

To find out how much you might win with a multi bet, all you have to do is multiply your bet amount by the odds of each bet selection. For example, you want to bet 3 mBTC on different football matches. The odds for the Manchester United match are 2.00, Barcelona’s match are 1.70, and the Bayern Munich match are 1.90. 

To calculate your potential payout, you would perform the following calculation: 3 x 2.00 x 1.70 x 1.90 = 19.38 mBTC. Therefore, if your multi bet is successful, your total potential payout would be 19.38 mBTC.

How to place a multi bet on Sportsbet

Start placing your multi bets at now for a chance to win higher returns! Here's a step-by-step guide on how to multi bet on sportsbet.

  • Log in to your account or sign up if you don’t have one.
  • Ensure that your account is funded to easily place bets.
  • Go to the sports section of your choice.
sportsbet tether img 4
  • Choose the event or match you want to include in your multi bet.
  • Review the available markets and odds for that event.
  • Pick the desired outcome/s you want to bet on and click on the assigned odds.
  • As you select each outcome, it will be added to your bet slip.\
  • Repeat the process by clicking on the markets and odds for each additional event or match you want to include in your multi bet.
  • In the bet slip, you will see all the selections you have made, along with their respective odds.
  • Enter the amount that you wish to wager. The bet slip will calculate your potential winnings based on the selected odds.
  • Click on 'Place Bet' to confirm your multi bet.

Why should I try placing a multi bet?

While a Multi Bet comes with more risk, there are reasons why placing a Multi Bet is worth trying. These are:

  • Higher potential winnings - In a multi bet, your odds are multiplied, creating a higher potential winning than placing single bets.
  • Extra layer of thrill - Since a multi bet can only win if all the legs are successful, this adds an extra layer of excitement to your experience. Moreover, as you are following multiple events or outcomes, each outcome becomes more thrilling.
  • Flexibility - A multi bet allows you to be flexible in selecting the bet options you want to back. You can choose to include safer options along with riskier ones, which can lead to a more favourable outcome.
  • Enhanced odds and promotions - Placing a Multi Bet lets you enjoy more special features that can help you boost your winning chances. This includes Multi Bet Insurance or Multi Bet Multiplier.

Can I cancel or change a bet once it’s placed at

At, once a bet has been confirmed, the platform will not allow you to cancel, amend, or withdraw it. It is advisable to double-check your bet slip before placing your bet and confirming it to avoid any issues.

How can I see the status of my placed bets at

If you wish to track the status of both your single and multi bets at, you can easily do so by visiting the homepage. On the screen’s top right, you will find the 'My Bets' button. Click on it to view your betting history. There will be three sections:

  • Active bets: These are the bets you have recently placed and are currently awaiting the outcome.
  • Settled bets: These are the bets you have placed in the past that have already been resolved and settled.
  • Shared bets: These are the bets you have shared with other punters. assigned various icons to determine the status of your bet:

  • Full green box: Indicates that the bet has won.
  • Full red box: Indicates that the bet has been lost.
  • Half green and half grey box: Represents a half-win for the bet.
  • Half red and half grey box: Represents a half-loss for the bet.
  • Incomplete grey circle: Indicates an upcoming selection that is not yet active.
  • Stopwatch icon: Indicates that the selection is live or currently active.
  • Red circle with a white minus sign: Indicates that betting has been disabled, and you cannot place any new bets.
  • Full grey box: Represents a voided bet.

At, you can enjoy a plethora of betting options and features that will elevate your betting experience. Multi Bet allows you to solidify your betting strategy, be more flexible with your picks, and increase your chances of winning and potential payout.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Take a look at the common queries about using the multi bet feature at

Multi Bet is a special feature offered by that allows you to place different bets from different matches into a single wager. A Multi Bet slip will multiply the odds of the included individual bets with each other, resulting in higher potential winnings.
A single bet only allows you to place a bet on a single event or outcome. Meanwhile, a Multi Bet gives you more flexibility in choosing different types of bets from different matches for a more favourable outcome.
Multi Bet Insurance is a feature offered by that allows you to minimise your risk when placing a 5+ leg Multi Bet. When activated, you can receive a return of your bet amount if one leg in your Multi Bet loses.
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