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As one of the most thrilling and exciting sports to watch, soccer has become a favourite sport for punters to bet on. Soccer features some of the industry's biggest sporting events and many betting options you can take advantage of.

Bet on soccer at Sportsbet.io and experience soccer gambling like no other. Learn more about soccer betting below:

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Basics of soccer betting

Soccer is a popular team sport that has become a go-to betting option for punters. In soccer betting, you can wager on various outcomes of the game. A typical soccer match lasts around 90 minutes, allowing enough time for various events to happen. This makes the game more exciting to watch and bet on.

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Soccer betting also boasts a wide range of odds and markets you can take advantage of.
That’s right! This makes soccer one of the most-wagered sports globally!
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Understanding soccer odds

Soccer bets are associated with odds that determine your potential payout. Soccer odds represent the probability of an outcome occurring and can be displayed in different formats.

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The higher the odds, the greater your possible payout.
On the other hand, lesser odds mean a lower probability of that outcome happening.
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How to read soccer odds

Learning how to read soccer odds is important if you want to place wise bets and make the most out of your winning chances. To read soccer odds, you need to understand the three common odds formats: American, Decimal, and Hong Kong.

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Learn how to read each of them below:
American → These odds are shown with a positive (+) and negative (-) number. The + symbol represents the underdog, and betting on them means higher rewards. On the other hand, the favourites are shown with a - symbol.
It’s safer to bet on the favourites, but they come with smaller payouts.
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Decimal → The odds are presented with a decimal value, indicating your possible payouts for every unit wagered. For instance, with a decimal odds of 6.00, you get the chance to win 6 USDT if you bet 1 USDT.
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Wow, it’s that easy to understand!
Hong Kong → To get HK odds, simply add one from the decimal odds. For instance, wagering 5 USDT on 0.50 (+1) HK odds will grant you a payout of 7.5 USDT.
When calculating potential payouts, remember to consider your stake as well.
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That’s right! The odds indicate the ratio of potential profit to the amount wagered.
When betting at Sportsbet.io, you can change the odds format at the bottom left of the page.
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Relationship between soccer odds and winning

As assessed by bookmakers, soccer odds reflect the probability of a certain outcome in a match. The relationship between soccer odds and winning is based on implied probability. Implied probability is the conversion of odds into a percentage representing the likelihood of an outcome occurring according to the bookmaker.

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For a successful soccer betting experience, it’s important to keep in mind that while odds reflect the bookmakers' assessment of probabilities, they are not infallible.
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However, bookmakers can still misjudge certain factors, such as team form, player injuries, or other situational elements. Successful betting involves finding value in the odds.
Value exists when the implied probability of an outcome is lower than your own assessed probability.
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If you believe a team has a higher chance of winning than what the odds suggest, then there may be value in betting on that team.
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This is called value betting!
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Types of bets in soccer

When it comes to soccer betting, there are different types of wagers you can place. Some of the most popular bets in soccer include:

  • Match results → This is one of the simplest bets where you just need to predict the outcome of a match. You can bet on either team to win or a draw, if applicable. 
  • Goalscorer bets → Goalscorer bets involve predicting which player will score a goal during the game. 
  • Handicap bets → Handicap betting is all about giving one team a virtual advantage or disadvantage. This wager allows for more balanced odds by levelling the playing field.
Other than these, you can place more types of soccer bets.
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That’s right! These include wagers such as:
  • Over/under bets → With over/under wagers, you predict whether the total number of goals scored in a match will be over or under a specific value set by the bookmaker. 
  • Correct score bets → This bet involves predicting the exact final score of the match. It can be challenging but offers higher potential returns. 
  • Both teams to score bets → Both teams to score wagers focus on whether both teams will score at least one goal during the match or if one or both teams will fail to score.
  • Half-time/full-time bets → In this bet, you predict the result of the match at both half-time and full-time. It requires correctly guessing the outcome of both stages. 
  • Outright winner → This bet involves predicting the overall winner of a tournament or league rather than individual matches. With outright winner bets, you have to wager on a team to win the entire competition.
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Football leagues and competitions for soccer betting

Soccer betting comes with a wide range of leagues and competitions that are widely popular among soccer enthusiasts and punters. The success and popularity of soccer leagues and competitions often come from their competitiveness, large fan bases, and notable teams.

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Let’s take a closer look at some of the biggest soccer leagues and competitions you can bet on:

English Premier League (EPL)

The EPL is one of the most-watched and followed football leagues worldwide. It features top English clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Chelsea.

The league's competitive nature and high-scoring matches make it a favourite among bettors.
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UEFA Champions League

The Champions League is an annual club competition organised by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). It features knockout stages and high-quality matchups, attracting significant betting interest from soccer enthusiasts.

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Some of the most notable teams in the UEFA Champions League include FC Bayern, Manchester United, and Liverpool.

Major League Soccer (MLS)

The MLS is the top professional football league in the United States and Canada. It is divided into two conferences, East and West, with its regular season happening from April to November.

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Three of the most notable teams in the league include L.A Galaxy, New York City FC, and Seattle Sounders.

FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is the most prestigious international football tournament held every four years. It attracts significant attention from bettors worldwide due to the sheer magnitude of the event and the abundance of betting markets available for each match.

Which teams have the most wins in the FIFA World Cup?
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Brazil has won the World Cup five times, followed by Germany and Italy, who tied for four titles each.

Choosing a soccer bookmaker

To have a worthwhile and safe online soccer betting experience, it’s important to choose a reliable and licensed online bookmaker such as Sportsbet.io soccer. You should also make sure that the betting site offers plenty of betting options as well as a variety of payment methods.

This ensures secure and hassle-free transactions!
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Features of a reliable bookmaker

With many online bookmakers offering their services, finding one that best suits your needs and will cater to your betting preferences can be challenging. To help you find the best and most reliable online bookmaker, here are some features you should consider:

  • License and regulation → A reliable online bookmaker should operate under a valid license from a reputable regulatory authority.
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This ensures that they adhere to specific standards and regulations, providing a level of transparency and accountability.
  • Reputation and track record → When finding an online bookmaker, always look for sites with a solid reputation and track record of fair practices and excellent customer service.
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To find the most reputable site, read reviews and check the ratings of other punters.
This will help you assess the online bookmaker’s reliability.
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  • Security and privacy → A trustworthy bookmaker uses robust security measures to protect your personal and financial information.
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Before betting on a site, look for features like encryption technology, secure payment methods, and a privacy policy.
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Correct! These features ensure the privacy and security of your personal info.
  • Range of betting markets → A reliable bookmaker should offer a wide range of betting markets, both for popular soccer leagues and tournaments and for other sports.
This allows you to have a variety of options and opportunities to find value in your bets.
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Advantages of Sportsbet.io soccer

Sportsbet.io is a leading bookmaker soccer that offers not only the best soccer betting options but also a wide variety of betting opportunities on popular sports like basketball, horse racing, and baseball. The site allows you to bet on your favourite sports with widely used cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT).

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The cherry on top is that Sportsbet.io also offers unique features for a complete betting experience!
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Some of the top features of the site include:
  • Promotions → To help you maximise your soccer betting experience, Sportsbet.io offers a wide range of promotions and exclusive bonuses. You can use these perks to place more bets without overspending.
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The Clubhouse → Sportsbet.io’s Clubhouse is the official loyalty program of the site. Members of the Clubhouse can receive exclusive services, promos and rewards.

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Mobile app → If you want to bet on the go, Sportsbet.io’s mobile app is your best bet. This app allows you to bet on your favourite soccer matches anywhere and at any time.

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Soccer gambling strategies

Although soccer betting is all about luck, you can still follow various strategies and tips to make the most out of your odds of winning. These soccer tips and strategies do not guarantee success, but they can still help you make informed betting decisions and improve your odds of winning big. 

Tips for successful soccer betting

To help you improve your chances of winning and have a worthwhile soccer betting experience, follow these tips:

  • Research and stay informed → To place wise bets, always gather relevant info about soccer teams, players, injuries, and other factors that can influence the outcome of the game
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It’s also important to stay updated with news, team statistics, and trends to make well-informed betting decisions.
  • Understand the odds → Learn how to interpret and calculate odds to identify value bets. Look for discrepancies between the bookmakers' odds and your assessed probability of an outcome.
Keep in mind that value bets occur when the odds are higher than the actual likelihood of an event occurring.
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  • Focus on specific leagues → Instead of betting on every match or league, focus on specific leagues or markets where you have expertise and can gather more info.
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Did you know? Specialising in certain areas can give you an edge in understanding the dynamics and finding value bets.
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That’s right!

Secrets of soccer betting from the pros

While there are no guaranteed secrets to success when soccer betting, pro punters often use strategies and approaches that can increase their odds of making a profit.

Wow, that’s amazing!
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Let’s take a closer look at some insights and practices that pros often utilise:
  • Comparing odds → Pro bettors compare odds across multiple bookmakers to find the best possible value. They have accounts with various reputable bookmakers and take advantage of any variations in odds offered.
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By comparing odds, you can maximise your potential returns and minimise the impact of bookmakers' margins.
  • Controlling emotion and being disciplined → Experienced punters always strive to maintain a disciplined approach to betting, avoiding impulsive or emotional decisions.
Why is that?
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They stick to their strategies, follow their research and analysis, and remain patient even during losing periods.
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Yep, that’s right! Emotion-driven betting can lead to poor decision-making and substantial losses.
  • Record keeping and analysis → Many pro bettors keep thorough records of their bets. These include the details of each wager, the outcomes, and the reasons behind their selections.
They analyse their bets over time and identify strengths and weaknesses based on data-driven insights.
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Wow, that’s such dedication!
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They also help adjust their strategies, making the most out of their betting chances.
  • Learning continuously → Pro bettors understand that the betting landscape is ever-evolving, and they continuously seek to improve their knowledge and skills. They stay updated on the latest trends, strategies, and advancements in soccer betting.
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They also strive to learn from others, participate in betting communities, and stay informed.
These help them remain competitive and on top of their game!
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Laws and regulations of soccer betting in Japan

Sports betting is one of the favourite pastimes worldwide, especially in Japan. Since soccer is among the most popular sports, soccer betting Japan is highly successful among Japanese people.

Legality of soccer betting in Japan

The Japanese government only allows certain forms of sports betting in the country and one of these is soccer betting. Japanese punters can bet on soccer matches through the government-run ‘Football Toto’ pools.

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Toto is a parimutuel betting system where all bets are placed into a common pool.
The winnings are then distributed to the winners according to the odds.
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How to enjoy soccer betting safely in Japan

To enjoy soccer betting safely in Japan, it's important to adhere to responsible gambling practices and take the necessary precautions.

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Here are some tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable betting experience:
  • Set a budget → Before you start betting, set a budget that you can afford to lose. This budget should be separate from your daily expenses and should not impact your financial stability.
That’s right! You should also stick to your budget and avoid chasing losses.
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  • Use reputable platforms → If you participate in authorised sports betting, ensure that you use reputable platforms such as Sportsbet.io.
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Always be cautious of fraudulent or unauthorised bookmaker sites that may pose a risk to your safety and security.
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Enjoy soccer betting with crypto at Sportsbet.io

If you’re looking for a reliable sports betting site that offers a wide range of soccer betting options, Sportsbet.io is your best choice. The site offers competitive odds and markets and allows you to bet using crypto for fast and secure transactions. Sportsbet.io also offers a plethora of sports betting promos and bonuses that will help you increase your winning chances. 


Learn more about soccer betting with these frequently asked questions:

What is soccer betting?

Soccer betting involves placing wagers on various outcomes or events in soccer matches. These bets can be placed on different aspects of the game, such as the final result and the number of goals scored.

What are soccer odds?

Soccer odds represent the probability of a specific outcome occurring in a soccer match. They are often presented in three formats: Decimal, American, and Hong Kong.

How do you choose a reliable soccer bookmaker?

To choose a reliable online soccer bookmaker, it’s important to consider various factors such as the reputation, license, betting options, and payment options offered by the site.

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