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Every horse race has a unique quality that captivates fans and bettors alike. Some showcase intense competition among the industry’s elite, while others boast an intriguing roster of contenders. If you’re looking for the peak of spectacle, tradition, and elegance, then there is no race quite like the Royal Ascot. 

Don’t miss out on all the action here at; you can find all the best odds and promotions for crypto betting right here to guarantee a fun staking experience for all punters. To get started, here’s a comprehensive guide to the most revered race in British culture:

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What is the Royal Ascot?

The Royal Ascot, an esteemed flat horse racing event, graces the calendar annually in June. With its prestigious heritage, this event is owned and organised by the Crown, and the Royal Family attends it as per tradition. Attendees are expected to wear their finest suits and dresses just as much as everyone expects the best Thoroughbreds to perform at Ascot Racecourse in Berkshire, England.

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I’ve never had the pleasure of attending the Royal Ascot, but fortunately, I can still engage in its races through
I went to the Royal Ascot last year, but I still bet on My account already has a lot of money, so I just used that for staking.
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Besides, offers a much better betting experience than the stadium, so I prefer it.

It was Queen Anne who founded the Royal Ascot in 1711, and the royal family has continued its support for the following generations to this day. The event’s ties with the reigning monarch give it prestige and strict social policies. King Charles III wishes to continue the tradition, keeping the Royal Ascot’s status as a culturally significant event in England. 

This year’s Royal Ascot is slated for June 18th to 22nd, 2024 (Tuesday to Saturday). You can book your tickets until 29th March or buy them at the venue. With tickets sold per day and specific enclosures, meticulous planning is advised if you’re eager to partake in the festivities. 

Beginner’s guide to Royal Ascot betting types at

Betting on Royal Ascot horse racing events is similar to other flat-foot racing. Your options include fixed options, depending on what the bookmaker provides. allows combining bets on different races into a single stake for a chance to win a bigger payout. That is possible with the robust bet slip feature with multi-betting and price-boosting capabilities.

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Fixed bets refer to wagers you can make straight up on The Royal Ascot betting types are listed in three columns next to the list of horse names. Each horse is then followed by three odds indicating their chances of ending the race by satisfying the following bets:

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  • Winner bet – The horse must end the race in first place. This is the champion’s spot, and the bet loses if they end up in any other spot. 
  • Top 2 – This bet wins if the horse achieves 1st or 2nd place at the end of the race. It loses if it places 3rd or lower.
  • Place bet – You win this bet if the horse ends the race in any of the top 3 spots. This bet loses only if the horse ends up in 4th place or lower.
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These bets seem straightforward and ideal for hedging strategies.
What’s a good bet for hedging? I’ve always wanted to try that.
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I find staking on place bets, particularly in underdogs. The anticipated payout from a place bet on an underdog should cover my winner's bet on another underdog.

Significant factors to consider when betting on Royal Ascot

Betting on horse races can be casual, but you can make it as fun as possible. Keep these three factors in mind while betting on these races to maximise the fun of the event:

Features available at the bookmaker offers various features tailored to improve your crypto sports betting experience. Everything is usable within the terms and conditions of the bookmaker, so feel free to play around with them for Royal Ascot betting. These include:

  • Race details – Dive deeper into the statistical data of participating Thoroughbreds at the event. Click on their name to open their statistics sheet, which you can use as a reference in horse race betting. It provides the following information:
    • Career win and placement rates
    • Age
    • Sire and dam
    • Jockey name
    • Trainer name
    • Race history
  • Clubhouse – Access a wealth of sports-related content, including sports TV, news, podcasts, and social media updates, through the Clubhouse. Track your account levels and unlock VIP status as you ascend tiers, granting access to exclusive benefits such as a personal account manager, bespoke bonuses, and risk-free betting rewards.
  • Mobile app – While is fully accessible via web browsers, you can place your bets anytime, anywhere, using the user-friendly mobile app, available on iOS and Android devices. Enjoy seamless betting on the go with mobile optimisation and a robust betting platform at your fingertips.
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The race detail feature is indispensable! It’s my go-to reference in every race!
Are the details updated with the latest data?
Accordion content goes here.
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Yes! Check out each Thoroughbred, and you’ll see their statistics for their latest race, including their win and placement rate.
Plus, the data updates post-race, providing a comprehensive overview of their career performance.
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Another important feature in Royal Ascot betting is the scheduling. Every Thoroughbred race is grouped with other events scheduled on the same day and stadium in the ‘Today’ and ‘Tomorrow’ schedules. Next to jump, it only lists individual races about to start within the next few hours. If you want to find a specific race, identify it by date, time, and stadium. 

Schedule of the event and list of participants

The Royal Ascot is a five-day event running from Tuesday to Saturday. Each one hosts different sets of events, amounting to a total of 34 races. Here are the list of races and grades happening for each day of the week:

  • Day 1: Tuesday - 18th June 
    • The Queen Anne Stakes (G1)
    • The Coventry Stakes (G2)
    • The King Charles III Stakes (G1)
    • The St James’ Palace Stakes (G1)
    • The Ascot Stakes (Handicap)
    • The Wolferton Stakes (Listed)
    • The Copper Horse Stakes (Handicap)
  • Day 2: Wednesday - 19th June
    • The Queen Mary Stakes (G2)
    • The Queen’s Vase (G2)
    • The Duke of Cambridge Stakes (G2)
    • The Prince of Wales's Stakes (G1)
    • The Royal Hunt Cup (Handicap)
    • The Kensington Palace Stakes 
    • The Windsor Castle Stakes (Listed)
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  • Day 3: Thursday - 20th June
    • The Norfolk Stakes (G2) 
    • The King George V Stakes (Handicap)
    • The Ribblesdale Stakes (G2)
    • The Gold Cup (G1)
    • The Britannia Stakes (Handicap)
    • The Hampton Court Stakes (G3)
    • The Buckingham Palace Stakes (Handicap)
  • Day 4: Friday - 21st June
    • The Albany Stakes (G3)
    • The Commonwealth Cup (G1)
    • The Coronation Stakes (G1)
    • The Duke of Edinburgh Stakes (Handicap)
    • The Sandringham Stakes (Handicap)
    • The King Edward VII Stakes (G2)
    • The Palace of Holyroodhouse Stakes (Handicap)
  • Day 5: Saturday - 22nd June
    • The Chesham Stakes (Listed)
    • The Hardwicke Stakes (G2) 
    • The Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Stakes (G1)
    • The Jersey Stakes (G3)
    • The Wokingham Stakes (Handicap)
    • The Golden Gates Stakes (Handicap)
    • The Queen Alexandra Stakes (Conditions)

All events are listed in sequential order. Keep track of these races and their schedule at when the markets are live. Races generally commence at 14:30 GMT except for Day 2, which starts at 15:05 GMT. Most of the days have seven races to host, while Day 2 only has six. There are still many races for sports betting and chances to win cash prizes.

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I’m focusing on Group 1 events this year. Many of the horses I follow are participating in these prestigious races.
I’m leaning towards exploring the listed events. Group races are enticing, but I’m intrigued by lower-level stakes at the Royal Ascot.
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Racer’s statistics and how they compare with their competitors

You can use the race detail feature to assess each Thoroughbred’s past performance throughout their campaign. Comparing their statistics using the provided information sheet is the easiest way to determine the best contenders. 

It’s essential to acknowledge that these metrics serve as indicators rather than definitive predictors of outcomes. Underdogs can still win, but you can use the race details to see how convincing that outcome can be. For this reason, winning a bet against the crowd at the Royal Ascot is entirely possible. 

Royal Ascot betting tips for a better betting experience

Are you gearing up for Royal Ascot betting? If yes, then go to and start planning your wagers. Just be wise in your stakes because there are always significant factors to consider when staking in flat-foot horse racing. Both beginners and veterans need to keep them in mind. Here are three of the best Royal Ascot betting tips to try for a better gambling experience:

Compare past performances between jockeys and trainers

It’s often harder to tell the differences between the horses, especially if they share a bloodline. However, veteran gamblers know that the true secret to horses’ success is in the people behind the scenes. Research both the jockey and trainer responsible for raising the Thoroughbred into a spectacular racer. 

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Let’s not forget that some horses may race without their usual jockey.
Would that significantly impact a horse’s performance?
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Absolutely. A skilled jockey has the expertise to optimise a horse’s potential, making their presence crucial in determining race outcomes.

You can find this information on the race data by clicking on the horse’s name. Google the jockey and trainer to see their most remarkable feats, preferably within the same season. By comparing and contrasting this information with the other horses’ jockeys and trainers, you can identify who is poised for success. 

To clarify, a horse’s pedigree is a great indicator of their potential in racing. However, it is the jockey and trainer who can maximise them. That’s why a horse’s victory is also credited to these two personnel. 

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Read punters’ predictions 

Gamblers from around the world are highly anticipating the Royal Ascot. Plenty of horse racing experts will share their thoughts and opinions online for all other sports fans to read. Discussions about it will be held in talk shows or published in an article, and you can consume all of this information at your leisure. 

You can also visit forums and social media groups to see punters from all walks of life joining the discussion. They can be a mix of experts, amateurs, and hopeful fans, so take their opinions at your discretion. Consider their perspective and then come to a conclusion about the Royal Ascot races. 

Bet on the underdog with a reasonable chance of winning

One of the nuances that make sports betting fun is how it rewards stakes on horses less likely to win. Thus, it follows a balance between risk and reward, where you are paid more if you stake in underdogs. However, you have to set your expectations at a reasonable level. Differences in skill can be too vast for an underdog to overcome in a race. 

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I enjoy the thrill of betting on the underdog, even if they’re not favoured to win first place.
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I still have a bet on a more likely winner, but putting a small stake on a potential dark horse is exciting.
Isn’t that risky? Why place a wager on uncertain outcomes?
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For me, it's about the thrill of the game. Betting on underdogs adds an element of surprise and keeps things exciting.

When exploring Royal Ascot markets on, the best Thoroughbreds for betting are in the top five of the list of favourites. Consider betting on any of the horses in 2nd to 5th place, and choose whoever you are most confident in. Avoid placing bets on the top favourite because the payout may not justify the risk. 

Besides choosing the higher payout, betting on the underdog is also fun. There’s beauty in pleasant surprises in horse race betting, so consider staking on the horse with the 5th highest odds. Place a certain amount of wager you won’t mind losing but high enough to hedge against your other bets if it wins. This creates an opportunity for a pleasant surprise to happen for you.

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Frequently asked questions

Learn more about the Royal Ascot from these frequently asked questions:

What is Royal Ascot?

The Royal Ascot is a prestigious horse racing event at the Ascot Racecourse in Berkshire, England. It is recognised as a high-class event given its importance to the Royal Family, especially to Queen Anne, who founded it in 1711. The Royal Ascot is also dear to the late Queen Elizabeth II, known for her fondness of horse races and Thoroughbred breeding. 

How to bet at Royal Ascot?

You can bet on the Royal Ascot race like any flat-foot Thoroughbred race. Sign up at, then top up your account. Then, follow these simple steps:

  • Find Royal Ascot among the list of events on the bookmaker
  • Find the specific race that caught your interest. 
  • Choose who among the horses you think will win 1st place, top 2, or top 3.
  • Wait for the result and the end of each race. 

The payout scales with the odds of your bet. Favourites have a high chance of winning but a low payout, while underdogs get the opposite. Choose your balance of risk and reward among the options if you prioritise big wins or compare each horse to see who’s most likely to win. 

What is the dress code for Royal Ascot?

The Royal Ascot is renowned for being a classy event where everyone is expected to look their best in the presence of the Royal Family. The dress code for the event is called ‘Royal Enclosure’. It involves a full tuxedo with a top hat for men and a dress/skirt above the knee or longer for the ladies. Overseas visitors may wear formal attire of their culture/country for this event.

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