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When it comes to sports betting, Sportsbet is the one of the most popular sites that can give you the excitement and rush you want. Here at our site, we prioritize our commitment to the gambling and entertainment industry so everything you can find here is what you deserve to wager with ease and convenience.

That’s also why we make sure that all competitions, odds, and news on your favourite teams are available on the site and are updated and accessible to our patrons. If you’re looking for a way to make your game nights more exciting, register on our site now  because we provide fun, fast, and fair betting experience for you. 

Sportsbet is a site for beginners and experienced punters. Boasting streamlined visuals and layout, our site has a clean interface that you can easily navigate. What’s more is that you can enjoy our site on your mobile, PC, or tablet! 

Thrilled to place your bets now? Sign up and make an account so you can access all the features our site has to offer. 

What are you waiting for? Feel the exhilaration of sports betting here at Sportsbet!

What is sports betting?

Sports betting has been around since 2,000 years ago. Its roots can be traced to ancient Greece, where people loved to gather in colosseums to watch gladiators play against each other. These events led to the advent of the Olympics and earliest records of sports betting. 

Soon, sports betting spread throughout the world and became legal. In some countries like Rome, events on gladiator combats were the main sport that people wagered on. 

However, in medieval times, religious institutions forbade sports betting that drove the activity to be held underground. Despite the restrictions, sports betting flourished and became one of the most popular forms of entertainment. 

In essence, sports betting is an activity where punters can wager on the outcome of a match. People can bet on sports through online and physical bookmakers. What makes sports betting appealing to sports enthusiasts is that it gives a sense of thrill in placing wagers on their favourite team while waiting for an outcome. Additionally, the selection of tournaments and leagues is endless, so the excitement for punters is unparalleled.

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Types of bets

Here are some of the wagers you can encounter in sport betting:

Parlay bets – A parlay bet is a single bet that connects two or more wagers. In order to take home payouts from this wager, a player must win all the bets included in the parlay. However if a punter loses, all wagers placed are lost.

Money line bet – Wagering on a money line bet means punters will pick up a team that they know will win the match without referring to the point spread. However, this type of bet incurs a lot of risk so it’s important to be mindful of the amount you want to wager.

Straight bets – Straight bets is one of the most common types of wager. The bet here is already set and punters can wager on the underdog or the favoured team.

Total bets – Total bet is another common type of bet in sports. Usually, the number of bets is already set for the combined amount of score of both teams.

Point spread bet – A point spread bet is a type of bet where punters refer to the point spread. Usually, this spread features the margin of points which depict the amount of score the favoured team must accumulate in order to win the match.

Outright bets – Outright betting is one of the easiest bets to place. This type of wager usually takes into account the whole outcome of the game rather than just focusing on one outcome of specific matches at the end of each season.

Next 24 hours bet – If you’re seeking a more fun experience when betting, the next 24 hours bet will give you the rush you’re craving for. If you can’t wait to see the outcome of the matches, this bet gives results in the next 24 hours.

Future bet – Future bet is simply placing a wager on a match that will happen in the near future. Players can wager on the entire match rather than just focusing on a single team or player.

In-play bet – In-play betting takes place while a match is occuring. You can place your wagers while watching the match and see the game results in real-time. However, don’t confuse in-play betting with in-game betting. 

While the two concepts are almost similar, during in-game betting, the odds change when timeouts and commercial breaks take place.

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Types of Sports Betting odds  

Sports betting odds are usually expressed in different formats, namely: decimal, moneyline, and fraction. Before you place wagers, make sure you know how these odds work because they can be confusing, especially for beginners. 

Decimal format 

The decimal format is the most common type of odd format in most online sportsbooks. Usually, the decimal odd is depicted in two decimal places, which show how much winning wager will be received by the player based on the unit staked. 

Here’s how to solve the potential return in this format: 

Stake x odds = potential payouts 

Meanwhile, if you want to find out the potential profit, all you need to do is maintain the formula but subtract one from the odds: 

Stake x (odds – 1) = potential profit 

Moneyline / American odds 

Also known as American odds, this format is mostly used by players in the United States. The moneyline odd is usually presented in either positive or negative. When the odds are positive, the number will have a ‘+’ sign, this means that the team you’re wagering for is the underdog. Meanwhile, if the signs are negative (-), it means that the team you’re rooting for is the favoured team to win.

If you want to know the potential payout in moneyline odds, you can use the following formulas: 

For positive odds: 

Stake x (odds/100) = potential profit 

For negative odds: 

Stake / (odds/100) = potential profit

Fraction format 

The fractional format of odds is often used by players in the United Kingdom. As the name suggests, this format appears in a fraction and is commonly used by course bookies at horse races. Here are some samples of fractional odds: 

  • 2/1
  • 10/1
  • 5/2

To calculate the possible payouts in fractional odds, you can use the formula below: 

Stake x (a/b) = potential profit 

Sports you can wager on in Sportsbet

From football to basketball, Sportsbet has the latest and hottest league events that you can enjoy. Excited to wager? Here are some of the sports you can follow on our site:

Soccer Banner


Commonly known as football, soccer is one of the most popular sports on Sportsbet. This game is famous across the world, especially in European countries. You don’t need to look far to enjoy football matches. Here at our sites, you can find a wide selection of leagues, matches, odds, and fixtures on your favourite football team. Additionally, if you want updates on matches and players, we also have news to keep you informed right before you place your wagers. 

Here are some of the most popular leagues we have on Sportsbet: 

  • Turkey -> Super Lig 
  • Spain -> La Liga
  • UK -> English Premier League 
  • Italy -> Lega Serie A
  • France -> Ligue 1
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American Football 

If you’re a fan of American football, Sportsbet has the latest games, odds, and fixtures for NFL. You can bet on major teams such as Arizona Cardinals, Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions. 


We offer the best odds, fixtures, and updates on basketball. Have fun trying different wagers because we have in-play, next 24-hours, future, and outright bets for some of the biggest leagues such as US-NCCA Women’s, USA-NCAA Men’s and NBA. Additionally, we also offer leagues from other countries such as South Korea, China, Belgium, Australia, and Czech Republic. 

Tennis Game Banners


If you’re a tennis fan and you want to wager on the best tennis teams and leagues, Sportsbet has you covered. We have in-play, next 24-hours, future, outrights, and leagues on teams from different countries. 

Here are the following leagues you can wager on in Sportsbet: 

  • ATP
  • Challenger
  • ITF Women 
  • Simulated Reality 
  • Simulated Reality Women


Cricket is one of the most popular sports on Sportsbet. Here on our site, you can find the hottest and latest updates on cricket matches in cricket-playing countries. Additionally, we offer exciting odds and fixtures on teams from Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, and South Africa.  

Esports Banner Games

Counter Strike: Global Offense

CS:GO or Counter Strike is a first-shooter video game that gives an one-of-a-kind gameplay of playing in virtual reality with your friends or strangers. We offer updated odds on in-play, next-24 hrs, and future bets. Additionally, you can also check out updates on leagues and news on the current events in the CS:GO world. 

Dota 2 

Experience spell-binding fun when you venture inside the magical realm of Defense of the Ancients 2 (DOTA 2). Make your gameplay more exciting when you place wagers in-play, next 24 hours, and future bets in Sportsbet

What’s more thrilling is that there are exciting odds on the following leagues: 

  • BTS Dota 2
  • Dota Pit Dota 2
  • Dreamhack 2 
  • Perfect World 2
  • PGL Dota 2 
  • ESL Dota 2

Sports betting tips you should know about 

Learn the basics of sports betting
Before getting started with sports betting, you should equip yourself with the basic rules. While it’s easy to place wagers during a match, you can easily get confused with the mechanics of betting. You should be knowledgeable about the things you can encounter to make sure you will place well-informed bets.
Learn the sport you want to wager on
One thing you can do to make your wagers count is to learn the sport you’re betting on. Watch news, updates, and reviews by sport experts so you can track your favourite team’s progress. Doing this can also help you decide if you should try betting for other teams as well. Even if you’re just a recreational bettor, it won’t hurt to have an extra leverage.
Compute the odds
Depending on the type of odd you’re going for, it’s best if you compute the payouts you can get.
Learn simple betting strategies
Even if you’re not a professional punter, learning a thing or two about basic strategies can improve your chances of winning. What you can do is read forums or watch videos by professional punters so you understand how you can improve your odds at betting.
Always check the odds and lines
Comparing odds and lines is one of the most important steps you shouldn’t bypass. Remember, not all bookmakers offer the same odds, so it’s important if you review them before you place a bet.
Keep a record book of your betting activity
Keeping a record book of your betting is important, especially when you’re just starting. Aside from tracking your spending, you can also know your betting history so you can use it for future bets.
Use a dependable sports betting site
When you’re sports betting, it’s always important to use a site that gives you everything you need from competitive odds to news updates. Here at Sportsbet, you will experience the service you deserve to make punting more exciting.
Don’t get discouraged when you lose
Just like everything else in life, you can’t have it all when you’re betting on sports. Since you don’t have any control over what happens to the game, you have to prepare yourself for the outcome. If you lose, it’s never too late to try again. Just make sure you bet responsibly to lessen your losses.

Sports betting is an exciting activity to make your game nights more enjoyable and thrilling. Head now to Sportsbet to experience a fun, fast, and fair punting!

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