A guide for virtual horse racing betting

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Horse racing is one of the most popular sports, leading punters to place wagers on various events. This popularity has translated well into the online space where you can place bets on events like the Kentucky Derby or the Japan Cup. Virtual horse races have also stood out across multiple platforms.

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With the global popularity of its online betting scene, platforms like Sportsbet.jp offer virtual horse racing options and exciting markets!
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Find out everything about this new type of betting here!
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What is virtual horse racing?

It is a computer-simulated form of horse racing that’s reliant on random number generators (RNG). Virtual horse racing is powered by advanced software and algorithms that help generate realistic race simulations.

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To help with your bets, you can watch simulated horse races on the site itself!
That’s so cool! It’s just like watching traditional horse racing events!
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Definition and characteristics of virtual horse racing

Virtual horse racing has distinct characteristics that set it apart from the traditional races most punters are familiar with.

What’s the difference?
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Good question. Here are a few characteristics that can surmise the differences:
  • Detailed races: The simulations show a graphical representation of the races with digital horses racing against each other and commentary describing what happened.
  • Quick results: Races are usually short, leading the results to pop up and allowing for a quick turnover. You don’t have to wait for official results to be released because Sportsbet.jp will make immediate updates.
  • Variety of races: The tracks in these simulations are different, making it a more unique viewing experience. It simulates the different racecourses in the traditional horse racing world and makes the experience more immersive.

Features of virtual horse racing

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Betting on these virtual races is pretty exciting as it’s similar to traditional horse races. Find out what are the features on the Sportsbet.jp virtual horse racing page and why they are taking the betting world by storm:

Real-time simulation

Virtual horse races are simulated in real-time and are broadcast through Sportsbet’s virtual sports page. They stand alongside other virtual sports versions like greyhound races and football matches.

These races only take a few seconds, similar to what you get with traditional horse races. The results are determined by RNG tech, which helps the simulations be more exciting since they are completely random due to the algorithm.


Compared to traditional horse racing, where betting depends on the availability of events, virtual horse racing is readily available.

So I can bet anywhere and anytime I want?
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Yes! You just need a stable internet connection and a computer or smartphone to access the virtual sports page.


The races in real-life circuits last only a few seconds. In virtual horse racing, you can enjoy similar races that pop up every couple of minutes. That is an exciting and more complete viewing experience, especially when you’re placing bets. You can rack up plenty of payouts when you keep winning across races.

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Have you noticed that there’s only a number of races at a horse racing event?
That’s true! That bothered me a bit because it goes by so fast.
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You don’t have to worry about that with virtual horse racing because there are plenty of races every few minutes!


With the use of RNG, punters won’t have to worry about manipulation of the results. Every outcome is completely random, ensuring every bettor has a fair chance of winning. This is similar to the tech used in online slots and how they land winning reel combinations.

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Tips for virtual horse racing

Any virtual horse racing punter should know virtual horse racing tips that can help them emerge victorious after the race. It is challenging to build consistency when betting, but there are ways to maximise your wagers:

Strategies for virtual horse racing

Whenever you place bets on virtual horse races, know that they are determined by RNG, as mentioned. This makes it difficult to strategise since you do not have observable factors like a horse’s injuries or the track being more wet than normal. However, some tips can help you maximise your chances of winning. These are: 

Try using an accumulator  

This is where you combine multiple bets or selections into one wager. This will be a high-pressure wager because if you slip up even once, you will lose the entire accumulator bet. 

It’s high-risk and high-reward, but I’ll try it!
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Focus on bankroll management

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Set a betting budget and stick to it as you progress through Sportsbet.jp virtual horse racing. When you’re just starting, making small bets first is best. When you feel more confident, you can increase your wagers.

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You will have some good and bad days, so don’t get too caught up in your emotions and chase your losses.
Got it!
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Keep gaming sessions short

Do not get too caught up in the virtual races because you might win a lot of rewards in your first few bets, but if you keep losing, that might be the best time to pull away for a bit. Make sure you know when to stop.

Diversify your portfolio

There are plenty of races being simulated consecutively. Just visit the virtual sports page, and you will see multiple races to bet on and enjoy. 

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There are races with multiple markets, such as:
  • Win: You are betting on a specific horse to win the race.
  • Place: This is where you select a horse that will finish either first or second in the race. 
  • Show: This is when you bet on horses to finish in the top three. 
  • Exacta: You have to predict the first two horses in the correct order.
  • Trifecta: Predict the top three horses in order.

Tips for success in virtual horse racing

With virtual horse races, you can set yourself up for success despite the randomness of each race powered by the RNG. Here are some useful tips to help you become a more consistent bettor.

Do you have some tips to help me combat the randomness of these races?
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Yep! Here are some good tips:

Consider betting on the underdogs 

In the Sportsbet.jp markets, there are some odds for certain markets which can help you identify which bets are more profitable than others. The RNG takes care of the outcomes, but Sportsbet.jp still provides odds based on the likelihood of each outcome, such as betting on the place, winner, and the trifecta markets. If your prediction for an underdog is correct, you will get a higher reward amount.

Observe the racing simulation

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To get the results quickly, watch the simulated races and not just look at the numbers. This makes the experience more exciting because you can see the nail-biting action, and it makes you more aware of what happens in the races.

It’s just like the traditional races, right?
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Yes! That’s why it’s exciting to watch!

Use bonuses when they’re available

Your chances of getting a good payout increase when you use bonuses. Sometimes, you can win the bets without spending anything with free bets, but you can also have multiplier or price boosts to the payout you’re receiving. Claim the bonuses being handed out as they’ll be useful in the long run.

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Virtual horse racing algorithms

The virtual horse racing space is mostly dictated by algorithms as no real-life horse races can affect your bets. Think of it like a unique version of a roulette wheel or a slot game that involves digital horses racing against each other. 

Explanation of the algorithms used in virtual horse racing simulations

The algorithm that runs virtual horse races is the random number generator (RNG). Every outcome is possible because RNG will have no biases toward any result. 

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Unlike traditional races, you don’t have to do deep dives into stats anymore!

Betting in virtual horse racing

Just like traditional horse racing betting, virtual horse racing is fun and satisfying to watch and bet on. Some of its best features are:

Abundance of races 

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By exploring Sportsbet.jp’s virtual horse racing, there are plenty of races to bet on. This makes for a more exciting experience for your bets because you have opportunities to win amazing rewards.

Every race is available on the left side of your screen and has corresponding betting markets and odds. You won’t run out of races to bet on; just look at what races are set to take place.

How often can I place bets?
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Races are held every few minutes, so you can enjoy it as much as you want!


RNG controls the outcomes for the races you’re betting on. Rest assured that all the bets you’re making will not be manipulated in any way. Whether you win or lose will be up to chance and the random algorithm.

Sophisticated technology 

Virtual horse races result from awesome technology, with the RNG handling the results. Paired with Sportsbet.jp’s betting system, punters can make predictions for the simulated races being streamed on the platform.

The simulated races being streamed feel like you’re watching a real-life horse race due to the animated video. Sportsbet.jp also provides 10 commentary options, including English, Malaysian, and Japanese.

Bet on-demand

With Sportsbet.jp, you have the luxury of betting on the best virtual horse races at any time. You don’t have to worry about adjusting to a race’s schedule like traditional horse racing; there is always a virtual race set to take place, and they’re available to you on your computer or even smartphone!

So I can place my wagers any time I want here?
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Yep! Just have a device and a good internet connection! You can enjoy watching the simulations and the rewards you can get from successful virtual horse racing predictions.

Simplified betting 

Sportsbet.jp has made placing your bets on these virtual horse races pretty easy. To get there, you just need to follow some steps.

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To place bets on virtual horse races, follow this:
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On the left corner of the website, click Virtual Sports.
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Click the drop-down menu button where you’ll see available virtual horse races.
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Select the prediction you want to wager on.
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Lastly, confirm your wager amount and click Place bet.
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Fun and engaging 

Like traditional horse races, betting on virtual races is just as exciting. There are simulations that you can watch and get excited about, just like the real races at the circuit. You won’t have the same atmosphere since you’re not with hundreds of people, but it’s essentially the same experience, just on a different platform.

The races happen in the span of a few seconds, which is a short and exciting thrill ride. Thankfully, you have plenty of time to use with all the races available at Sportsbet.jp.

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Making a deposit on Sportsbet.jp’s virtual horse racing

By making a deposit, you open the doors for big-time bets at Sportsbet.jp. This time, you will be betting on the virtual horse races, which are pretty exciting since they are simulations of horse races.

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Look at the bonuses and rewards you can get when placing Sportsbet.jp wagers!

Bonuses and rewards

There are bonuses such as free bets that can help you enjoy the wagers. Price boosts and other promotions can also provide you with better payouts. So, explore the platform and enjoy the promotions to get some fantastic rewards. 

How to deposit

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To enjoy all the features and races you can get at Sportsbet.jp, follow these steps on how to deposit:

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Click the ‘Deposit’ button at the top-right corner of the page. You get two options: scanning the QR code using your crypto wallet app or copying the wallet address and pasting it into your crypto wallet.
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Navigate to the virtual sports page, where you place bets on the virtual horse races.

Excel with virtual horse racing betting

Do not miss out on the heart-thumping future of virtual horse racing. Pick the horses you feel will win and bet on the go with Sportsbet.jp’s mobile app here, too! Maximise your experience with the cryptocurrency you can use, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT). 

Accept the invitation to virtual horse racing and enjoy the fun, fast, and fair betting experience with Sportsbet.jp! 

Frequently Asked Questions

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So, to wrap it up, do you have some questions you might want to ask?
I do, actually.
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Well, here are some of the commonly asked questions about virtual horse racing.

What is virtual horse racing? 

This is a digital version of the traditional horse races you get to see at circuits. Random number generators determine virtual horse races, and you can bet on them, too.

How popular are online horse racing games? 

It is quite popular among the horse racing community as they can be a substitute for races that aren’t happening just yet. The games haven’t breached the full mainstream yet, but there is potential there. 

What is a virtual horse racing casino?

This platform allows you to place bets on virtual horse races and enjoy some big payouts.

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