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The guide to betting on League of Legends

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Welcome to the world of League of Legends

When Riot Games released League of Legends in 2011, no one expected it to become the outstanding game that it is today. It didn’t leave much of an impression back then, but now, millions of players and spectators from all corners of the world can’t get enough of the fantasy game. Today, League of Legend stands as one of the most beloved, and as its name prophesized, legendary games today. 

Learn all about League of Legends today and discover the greatest thing about the world’s best team strategy game here! Once you’ve got a feel of the game, find out how this fits in the world of esports where you can bet on your favourite teams on tournaments and championships here at

What is League of Legends?

League of Legends is a team strategy game that falls under the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or MOBA genre. Together with your team composed of 5 members, you battle against other teams to take their base down by destroying their Nexus. Whoever destroys the enemy’s Nexus first wins!

Plenty of obstacles stand between you and the enemy’s Nexus. To get across the map called Summoner’s Rift, you need to destroy Towers and Inhibitors aside from enemy champions and their minions. You’ll come across these towers when you choose the Top, Mid and Bottom Lanes. Once you’ve cleared a lane, you can cross through the enemy’s base and destroy the Nexus.

In the jungle, you’ll find elemental creatures that grant buffs to give you a temporary boost. Collect gold, gain experience and receive buffs once you kill a monster. The stronger the dragon or monster you destroy, the more powerful the buff and the bigger the reward. Slay monsters and dragons of different elements in the jungle to increase your champions’ capabilities and strengthen their attacks!

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Once your team is complete and you’ve all chosen your champions, you appear at the Fountain where you can increase your mana, health and buy items at the shop. In front of the fountain, you’ll find your Nexus where minions spawn. These minions are AI-controlled characters that aid you in the game. The opposing team also has its own minions that you need to destroy to collect gold and experience.

Gaining experience is a vital part of the gameplay since it unlocks other abilities while collecting gold allows you to purchase items in the shop so you can get the most out of these new abilities. You can gain experience by dealing the last hit to enemy minions and beasts in the jungle.

The first part of the game is called the Laning phase. During this basic phase, players focus on gaining experience and getting gold instead of heading straight to the enemy’s base. It’s the ‘levelling up’ phase where you need to improve your abilities before you’re ready to face the detestable turrets and towers.

When all the three turrets in a lane are destroyed, you’ll face off against two more in the base. The last two remaining turrets protect the inhibitor. To get to the Nexus, you’ll need to destroy all the remaining turrets and inhibitors while dealing damage to your enemies. If you succeed in your campaign, you and your team win the game round!

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The map of Summoner’s Rift

All this action occurs on a fantastic fictional land called the Summoner’s Rift. Split into different lanes and quadrants, the map makes it easier for players to choose their champion since each one is classified differently according to their abilities and ideal location on the map.

Top, Mid and Bottom Lanes

This is where the chunk of the battle occurs. From your base, the land breaks out into three lanes namely, the top, mid and bottom lanes based on their respective positions on the map. When choosing a champion, you can consider the recommended lane that’s in line with their class. For example, fighters and tanks are usually at the top lane while assassins and spellcasters frequent the jungle quadrants and the mid lane.


Find all the beasts and neutral creatures in the jungle. Split into four quadrants by the river and the middle lane, the jungle has two sections for the two teams so they have equal chances of collecting experience and gold.


The river cuts through the middle of the map, separating your team’s base from the opposing team’s. Here, you’ll find harmless creatures like the scuttle crab that grants speed boosts once slain.


While the objective in League of Legend is to destroy the enemy’s Nexus, other sub-objectives make this possible. These keep players on their toes, making things more exciting and challenging for all. To accomplish these objectives, you need to come up with an excellent team strategy and execute it.

Destroy turrets and inhibitors

Large and almost indestructible, turrets are gigantic statues that defend the base by dealing damage to enemy champions and minions. They are strategically placed on the lanes and base to prevent players from reaching the base easily. Each turret targets whoever’s in its range so put your minions to good use by assigning them in the front line.

Inhibitors are huge gem-like structures that spawn super minions for a brief period once destroyed. Once you’ve crushed the lane turrets and arrived at the enemy base, you’ll need to defeat three more turrets protecting three inhibitors. Take down these inhibitors as well to be able to smash the enemy’s Nexus and win the game round.

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Explore the jungle

The shadowy jungle resides between the lanes and within its shady shelter lives a handful of monsters and plants. When you destroy these neutral creatures, you receive gold and experience in exchange. Among these fearsome creatures are the following:

  • Gromp
  • Blue Sentinel
  • Murk Wolves
  • Raptors
  • Red Brambleback 
  • Krugs 

Out of all the creatures you’ll find in the jungle, the Baron Nashor and Drakes stand out as the most fearsome of all. Once slain, these will grant you with unique buffs which can dramatically increase your team’s chances of winning.

Drakes or Dragons

Drakes or Dragons are elemental creatures you can find resting in their hideouts in the jungle. Below are the four elemental dragons that grant different buffs and the Elder Dragon that stands as the toughest and most rewarding beast to slay:

  • Infernal Drake – Grants a bonus Attack Damage and a bonus Ability Power
  • Cloud Drake – Shortens the cooldown time of your ultimate ability
  • Mountain Drake – Provides bonus armour and increased magic resistance
  • Ocean Drake – Heals a percentage of your remaining health for every second
  • Elder Dragon – Allows you to deal bonus true damage over time and instantly kill an enemy with 20% and below health.

You also receive a significant amount of gold after slaying a dragon. When a team slays all dragons in their sections of the jungle, they unlock the soul of the last slain dragon that grants unique buffs for all team players. The Elder Dragon only appears once all the elemental drakes have been slain.

Rift Herald

With an exposed eye on the back of its impenetrable shield, the Rift Herald is easier to kill compared to other beasts in the jungle. Once killed, the Rift Herald becomes your buff and acts as an allied pet when activated. Watch as it kills a bunch of minions for you and charges at a turret, taking down some of its defences or crashing it completely.

Baron Nashor

If the Rift Herald isn’t killed for more than 20 minutes, the jungle’s strongest monster appears. Make way for Baron Nashor. While it’s extremely hard to kill, it rewards a significant buff for the team that can positively affect your chances of winning.

The Baron Nashor grants the Hand of Baron buff that consists of several advantageous abilities once slain. Whichever team slays the Baron Nashor receives bonus attack damage, bonus ability power, a reduced recall timer, and strengthened minions. Additionally, the Baron Nashor rewards a hefty prize of 300 gold for each member, giving you a chance to further improve your champion’s abilities before facing off against enemy champions.

Shop and equip yourself with items

Once you’ve gained sufficient gold and experience, more items become available for you in the shop. To purchase items, go to the fountain where you can also heal and gain mana. Each champion needs a specific kind of item which works best with their abilities. 

With hundreds of options to choose from, you might be confused with what to buy. However, there’s no need to worry since there are recommended items you can buy on the fly. The higher you level up and the more experience you gain, the more items you can purchase at the shop.

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Since there are five players in League of Legends, there are also five roles that every player assumes once the game starts. Each role corresponds to a position on the map, designating their place and roles in a streamlined way.

Top Lane

Champions in the top lane are those who prefer fighting alone. Top lane champions are tasked with the job of battling with the other team’s strongest players and preventing enemy troops from advancing into their base any further.


Players in the jungle prefer to hunt for monsters and beasts compared to battling champions. Always on the lookout for neutral monsters, Junglers pounce on beasts to receive their buffs and strengthen the team even more.

Mid Lane

Well-rounded and adaptable, Mid lane players can play effectively both in solo and team combat. Champions in this lane are usually spellcasters and assassins but you can also find other champions in a different class.

Bot Lane

Bot lane champions are mainly marksman and ranged champions that destroy enemies in a few blows. Together with the support, they smash turrets and minions at a faster rate to collect enough gold and experience that can be used in the latter part of the game.


Also assigned at the bottom lane, support champions take a heavy role since they receive the brunt of the attacks. That’s why tanks and juggernauts usually assume this role to better support their team members that are also on the bot lane.

Betting on League of Legends

League of Legends has cemented its reputation as the world’s biggest esports game with the 2019 League of Legends World Championship amassing over a million viewers all around the world. With iconic teams winning left and right and electric tournament sessions, it’s no wonder that more and more people are joining the esports community both as players and spectators.

Here at, you can get the most of the League of Legends competitive scene by betting on your favourite teams during all the latest tournaments. Choose from the following options you have when placing your bets:

You can check each team’s odds on their respective pages. On the in-play tab, you can see the changing odds during the game to help you assess the round. Additionally, you can place your bets anytime as long as the game has not concluded yet.
Next 24hrs
Check games that will happen in the next 24 hours at this tab! You can check the odds as early as the day before so you can purchase bet slips ahead of time.
At this tab, you’ll see the future matches and tournaments that will happen soon. The odds of every participating team are displayed on this tab so you can check them beforehand and place your bets accordingly.
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If you have a hunch on which team is going to emerge victoriously in a tournament, check the Outrights tab where you can bet on any of the participating teams, the winner and the top 2 teams to increase your odds of winning.
Check out the different matches that will occur in a tournament and see their odds ahead of time at the Leagues tab. You can place your bets before the tournament even starts so you can get ahead of the game.
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