Top NBA betting markets you should know 

Ever since Michael Jordan stepped inside the NBA court for the first time, the National Basketball Association (NBA) became a giant sports business that provided future generations of talented basketball players a league to showcase their skills.

With the popularity of basketball, the betting industry took this to their advantage and offered markets that fans can bet on. This includes predicting who's going to win a certain award or which team will take the trophy home.

With that said, sites like Sportsbet that allow Bitcoin sportsbet activities are slowly taking the world by storm because it ensures secure and anonymous betting. Several sportsbook sites have also accepted Bitcoin (BTC) as a form of payment. 

NBA betting is basically when fans wager on teams that have the highest chances of winning. As a popular sport, basketball betting is a great way to experience the games in a more intense light. Nothing beats the excitement of watching the team you wagered on win.

The NBA has betting markets that work differently. It might seem confusing at first but you’ll get a hang of it once you already know the basics. If you are new to the sports betting community, it is highly recommended to create a betting plan and set a betting limit. This is to make sure that each bet is worth it. 

So, what are the different NBA betting markets that provide bettors with the best sportsbetting experience? Read more below to find out!


The different NBA betting markets 

As previously stated, NBA betting has different markets for a much more exciting betting experience. The following are the most common ones you will come across and are worth trying out:

Winner (incl. overtime)

Betting on the winner is one of the simpler betting markets to try out. Betting on winners in basketball means that you are betting on which teams you think will win in a certain game. With this, you no longer need to worry about point spreads or other betting rules. This is also the reason why you should watch the game before placing your bets because the teams might be showing a different game than what you expected.

For instance, if you place a bet on Miami Heat and they win the game by 2 points, it won’t matter in the outcome of the betting as much as the team would win by 10 or 25. 

This type of betting market only takes into account the winner of the match and not any other factors like players’ stats, point disparity, and the actual score. It’s as simple as betting on who’s going to win an NBA game. 

Winning margin (incl. overtime)

For winning margin, odd makers will set up a specific number of points by which the favourites will win. Bettors then have two options, they either pick the team favoured to win by more than the set of numbers assigned by the bet makers or bet on the underdogs to win or lose by fewer points than the spread assigned. 

For instance, if the spread is set by the odd makers at 5.5 points, then the favoured team to win must defeat the opposing team by 6 points or more for the spread wager to payout. If the underdog outright wins or loses by 5 or fewer points for the spread bet, then the payout goes to the bettor who wagered on the underdog team. 

Half/quarter betting 

In basketball, there are four quarters of action to watch. Each quarter is played for 12 minutes with a halftime break by the end of the first half. 

When betting on quarters, you are expecting a particular team to win the said quarter by ‘x’ amount of points, but won’t necessarily mean that said team will win the half. Betting on a team for half betting won’t also necessarily mean that said team will win the game.

This type of betting market allows more bettors to wager safely on teams they think will start off strong or finish strong. This type of betting market also makes the game more exciting to watch and bet on. 

How many bets can you make at a time? 

There are ways for you to bet on more than one wager. For instance, parlay or multi bets are a type of betting market that puts up a selection of two or more wagers combined into one single odds stake. If one wager of a parlay doesn’t win, then the bet will automatically lose. 

This type of betting market is one of the riskiest yet most rewarding payouts in the array of NBA betting markets available. For instance, you can bet $30 and turn it into three parlays where each winner bet has a particular stake on a specific team’s outcome.

Before you place your wagers at sports betting sites like Sportsbet, it is best to understand how the betting markets work. This way, it will be easier for you to place your wagers and win. When placing wagers at sites that accept traditional currency and Bitcoin sportsbet options, remember to set a betting limit to avoid losing a huge amount of money. Keep in mind that the sportsbook changes every once in a while. Paying attention to actual NBA news for injuries and major trades affect the sportsbook odds as well. Diving into the world of NBA sportsbetting is an exciting experience, especially if you already know the ins and outs of the different betting markets. What are you waiting for? Place your bets and cheer for your favourite team!