Top four crypto wallets to keep your coins and tokens

For those who are keen to invest in cryptocurrencies, a wallet should always be a concern since it is necessary to keep your digital assets safe at all costs. That makes it an important part of the industry and there are even a lot of options for users to choose from, making it easy for them to get started in investing in crypto.

With a lot of betting sites such as Sportsbet now allowing the use of crypto in placing wagers, it is safe to say that crypto wallets are now starting to become a good option for many users out there. Aside from storing coins and tokens, wallets also help to process deals or transactions in the fastest way as well.  

There are added security measures in every crypto wallet to begin with. Wallets are growing in number thanks to Bitcoin sports betting, and it is a must to learn more about them and how they work as a whole. These wallets are necessary to ensure the safety of your digital investments, so make sure you choose wisely.

Here are the top four crypto wallets to keep your coins and tokens:



Ledger is a French company launched in 2014 and is simply known as one of the best crypto wallets in the crypto industry. The first crypto project of the company was one of the first known hardware wallets in the market, and it was dubbed as the ‘Ledger Nano S’. It led to the hyped rise of Ledger as one of the best wallets out there.

Ledger Nano X then became one of the most reliable options among hardware wallets. It works like a USB drive that can also be connected to any user device - either via USB or Bluetooth. This means that it can connect to any device without hassle - let it be Android or iOS - and it does not need a computer to operate.

This wallet supports a total of 27 coins and 1,500 tokens. This list continues to grow each year as the crypto community asks for support for many other cryptos as well. The team behind this wallet did a great job to maintain a user interface for all holdings. This gives the users the ability to add new wallets for other cryptos.

Ledger’s consistent progress has made it clear that the wallet will stand out among many others. With their excellent features and services, it is clear that it is one of the best options to consider for every punter out there.


Exodus stands as a wallet used in both mobile and desktop to allow seamless transactions. It has a simple user interface and even has a built-in exchange. One of the most popular features of the brand is the ability to swap your coins with a rising crypto instead.

This wallet allows swaps in over 100 cryptocurrencies, which makes it easy for investors to use. It is considered to be simple, effective and safe. This wallet is really easy to use for most starters who are just getting to know which is the best to use in crypto storage. 

Exodus is considered a closed source wallet, which means that it goes against the ethos of the idea that Bitcoin and other blockchains can create some security concerns with the code for your eyes only. This is why it is seen as one of the most secure wallets out there as they make sure that there are no holes in the wallet where hackers can breakthrough.


Mycelium is one of many wallets that only uses Bitcoin in transactions. While it does support Ether (ETH) and ERC-20 tokens along with FIO token, the limits of having it only as a Bitcoin wallet can be either an advantage or disadvantage sometimes. It can also be used in mobile gadgets and has a much more refreshed interface than most wallets and even comes with a built-in exchange.

Users can also set their fees so they can note how long they can wait for a deal to be made. Mycelium also has some key features that can maximise the use of wallets. Hardware wallet support allows users to keep their Bitcoin in safe offline storage while still using Mycelium’s UI.

Mycelium also has some key features that can maximise the use of wallets. Hardware wallet support allows users to keep their Bitcoin in safe offline storage while still using Mycelium’s UI. This is a huge plus since most hardware wallets need online connection to be accessed, thus making Mycelium more efficient than others.


Electrum is one of the early Bitcoin wallets and has been in business since 2011. It hasn’t changed that much since it has excelled well when it comes to giving users the best services with the use of Bitcoin. That makes it a unique wallet to use especially for those users who are new to the fray.

This wallet is more suitable for users who are at the advanced level since it has a lot of complex options. Electrum is also seen as an open-source wallet, which means users can set transaction fees. They also have an option to try transferring to both Bitcoin Legacy and SegWit.

Electrum is one of the best wallets for those Bitcoin users who are keen to trust in a strong security that will meet the needs and demands of their users in a snap. The enhanced security level also offers the ability to know the level of security key they use. This means that users can create a standard wallet that either has a unique security mode or even a multi-signature wallet.

Using these crypto wallets to bet on certain sports games can come in handy. Bitcoin sports betting sites such as Sportsbet can prove to be the big stage for a lot of crypto users with the use of their wallets in the long run.

That makes it special for those punters who are keen to make the most of their bets. There are even sites that offer special bonuses for punters who wager with crypto, which only means that shifting from fiat and getting wallets is a good help to get a lot of wins in betting.